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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wintermix '06

There is a 'wintermix 06' you can find here at a japanese site with 3 UW mashups in it.
01. Underworld vs. Madonna 『2 Months Of Light』 (manriki)
02. Madonna vs. New Order 『Hung Up On a Blue Monday』 (Datafreq)
03. New Order vs. Kylie Minogue 『Can't Cash You Out Of My Head』 (Daft Monkey)
04. Kylie Minogue vs. Vanilla Ice vs. Modern Talking 『Ice Ice Kylie』 (DJ Schmolli)
05. Modjo vs. Anastacia 『Lady I'm Outta Love (Club Mix)』 (Ieebuzz)
06. Lil' Louis vs. Daft Punk 『Lil' Louis is a Daft Punk』 (simpleton)
07. Underworld vs. Starship vs. Peaches 『Starships are Born Slippy』 (Fidelski)
08. Underworld vs. New Order vs. Coldplay 『Crystal (Slippy White Shadows 12 Inch Mix)』 (Tigerbluemusic)

Guess what? another BS mashup!

Looks like there will be a release of an other BS mashup/remix next year.
1. Underworld - Born Slippy (original mix)
2. Underworld vs Electro Man- Born Slippy 2007 (extended version)
3. Underworld vs Electro Man- Born Slippy 2007 (extended tribal mix)

it's already outthere in torrent/p2p land.

40 mins of the Buenos Aires gig

there's 40 mins of the Buenos Aires gig filmed by a shakey camera you can watch here at googlevid. The sound is terrible ofcourse...

And here another 10 mins.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Trees are no insperation to Hyde

Piece about the Breaking and Entering soundtrack in the Sunday times.

Up coming release with UW remix

In january the 2 cd Remixes and Rarities by Dave Clarcke will be released.
On it, on cd1 - 2. Underworld - King Of Snake (Dave Clarke Remix)
Info found at RA.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Broadcast of Cocoon gig at bigcitybeats

This saturday the 25th, German Bigcitybeats radio will broadcast 2 hours of the Cocoon gig and an interview with the band. Details here, site is in german.
If you can't recieve this radiostation, there is a live stream via BigRadio. stream.
22:00 - 00:00 German time (GMT +1). Worldclock.

Update: Broadcast is over, they broadcasted 2 hours of the UW concert but not the interview. They interview you can download as of monday from their site here.

UPDATE! The interview is up now at this page.

Interview in the Independent

In last sundays Independent was a very good interview/review about Underworld and the cocoon gig.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Youtube underworld live video group

I´ve created a group at Youtube to collect Underworld live concert videos posted there. There are tons of vids made with phonecams at youtube. After you joined the group, you can add them yourself with the ´add to groups´ link.
I´ve added a few videos already of the south american concerts.
Have fun!

UW in mixmag

There is a one page article about the Cocoon gig in decembers Mixmag.

Official Cocoon vids!!!

Today the members archive at underworldlive.com has been updated with 4 videos of the Cocoon gig/webcast!
Posted are Globe, JAL, TMO and KoS
Thanks uw-team!

Video mashup

Born Apart - Joy division vs underworld as shown at MTV

fan made PG clip

Browsing for new live vids at youtube I found this: Underworld Pearls girl grafx animation by stuffnbits

Rio de Janeiro reviews


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Last gig of the south american tour

Today ,Nov 18th, Underworld is playing at Creamfields Rio de Janeiro .

Sao Paulo reviews etc

There are a couple of phone vids at youtube.
1 2
long one
16mins long video

review 1 and 2

pictures at flickr some more pix here

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Johan Gielen playing his BS

Some might have seen this before but it was new to me. A video of Johan Gielen playing his remix of BS during Sunrise Festival 23/07/05.

Sirena Party Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tonight underworld plays during the Sirena Party in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Reviews of Creamfields Buenos Aires

You can read a review of the Buenos Aires Creamfield here in spanish. Comes with a little picture of Karl.
And lots more at Clubber.com.ar.

Lots and lots of videos at youtube of creamfields incl some underworld ones.

More phonevids at youtube: 'forsaken' 2, 3, 4
Nice view at the 60.000 people there during BS

Rollingstone Argentina.

Mixingbowl is torrenting 21 mins radiobroadcast.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Interview at BBC1

Karl was 'live' at the BBC radio 1 studio during Rob da Bank show for an interview on the monday 13th radio1 leftfields show. You can listen back for a week here. Or dl it from themixingbowl.
Karl told a bit about underworld, was asked about the recent live gigs and the movie soundtracks. He also had some music with him that got played.
Get Away – ‘120 days’ (Vice)
Koneveljet – ‘Welcome To Finland’ (Exogenic Breaks)
Karsten Pflum – ‘Computer Weekend’ (Rump Recordings)

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Indeed a Smash-up rather then a mash-up.
Underworld's Dark and Long vs. German rockers Rammstein - America.
It's called Kiss you in America.
Send to me by Cow Tse Tung, thnx.

South America!

Underworld will preform their first ever gigs in south america over the next week.
Tonight, 11-11, they play at Creamfields Buenos Aires.
Metro 95 is going to broadcast from there but it´ll be interviews only I guess.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Interview with Karl at 6music

Last friday there was an interview with Karl about the breaking and entering soundtrack during the Phill Jupitus morning show at 6 music. You can listen back for one week here. You can read the tracklisting there too. He plays a couple of UW tracks an some tracks of the soundtrack too.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

UW in moscow and st petersburg pictures

There are a number of pictures posted at flickr of these 2 concerts. thnx to the photographers.
hyrskylahti (has intersting art there too, have a look)


review at a blog with 2 videos
in russian..

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