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Thursday, June 28, 2007

next concert

Next up on the 2007 tour is wild in the country

There'll be a lot of dirties there so if you see T's or a banner, say hello for me ;)
have fun! And report back with pix etc.


Here's the tracklisting of the upcoming album Oblivion with Bells.

01. Crocodile
02. Beautiful Burnout
03. Holding The Moth
04. To Heal
05. Ring Road
06. Glam Bucket
07. Boy, Boy, Boy
08. Cuddle Bunny vs The Celtic Villages
09. Faxed Invitation
10. Good Morning Cockerel
11. Best Mamgu Ever

There was a tracklisting on the loud.jp site but it had an error. This one comes from UW HQ.
afaik there will be an extra track on the .jp release.b

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Youtubes turkey

There are a few phonecam vids of the Efes One Love festival concert now on youtube
All these things
pearls girl

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Someone posted a MTV party zone massive megamix on youtube, containing some underworld.

culture show update

Screengrab of the clip played at the end of the Culture Show on BBC telly. They played Born Slippy. I think this must have been very funny to see. Since they used in-ear monitoring (and headphones) and no PA there was no sound other then karl dancing and the dogless-dog sniffing around.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


News about the new album and tour is spreading fast now.

Tour news II

And if that isn't enough....
A load of new dates are added to the tour schedule. Full list now is:

date event/venue


june 2007

30-june-07 wild in the country knebworth uk

july 2007

05-july-07 super bock rock lisbon portugal
07-july-07 monegros festival monegros spain

sept 2007

09-sept-07 hollywood bowl los angeles usa
11-sept-07 red rocks denver usa
14-sept-07 central park new york usa

oct 2007

08-oct-07 guildhall southampton uk
09-oct-07 academy birmingham uk
10-oct-07 uea norwich uk
12-oct-07 northumbria university newcastle uk
13-oct-07 academy glasgow uk
14-oct-07 rock city nottingham uk
16-oct-07 apollo manchester uk
17-oct-07 roundhouse london uk
26-oct-07 tonhalle munich germany
27-oct-07 electronic beats festival prague czech republic

30-oct-07 gasometer vienna austria

31-oct-07 electronic beats festival bratislava slovakia

nov 2007

01-nov-07 cocoon club frankfurt germany
03-nov-07 columbiahalle berlin germany
06-nov-07 paladium koln germany
08-nov-07 the docks hamburg germany
09-nov-07 heineken music hall amsterdam holland
10-nov-07 i love techno gent belgium

Japan will see some live dates in November too, TBA.

Most pre-sales started today or later this week.



After all the sad news of last weekend, great news today!

First of all, UW let us know that Rick is doing well again.

Then the other good news.
Underworld proudly present "Oblivion with Bells" to be released October 2007
A new album (link to press release in pdf/zip)

from the press release:
"Oblivion with Bells" draws heavily on Rick and Karls’ vast array of musical
influences (Nick Drake, Def Mix, Ricardo Villalobos, Can, James Holden, Eno)
and experiences performing worldwide to create a truly unique Underworld
journey. The album kicks off like Saturday night with Sven Väth, Simian Mobile
Disco and Frankie Knuckles all fighting to get on the decks, then takes you over
the flat fields of rural Essex, through Kings Cross with its olympic dreams and
piss stained alleys, ending blissed out in a hidden cove in Ibiza. Epic techno
nestles next to frail acoustics, beatific prose next to sharp urban observation,
amazing sound texturing mixed with mobile phone recordings, rarely has the
Underworld palette been so rich.

I can't wait!

statement by promotor

There's now also a statement by the promotor, Detox, at their myspace website.
Since it's a jpeg, I can't use my online translators to try to translate it.
So.. if somebody would kindly give it a go, please put it in the comments.

Monday, June 18, 2007

press release

Underworld have released a press statement about the incident.

Heineken Ejekt Festival 2007
16th June 2007



Underworlds’ Rick Smith, Karl Hyde, Darren Price and crew were caught up in trouble reportedly caused by “anarchists” at the Eject Festival in Athens on Saturday night (16/06/07). Underworld were scheduled to close the festival that also included Madness and The Beastie Boys. It is reported that a group of around 30 masked individuals, armed with CS-gas, iron bars and baseball bats stormed the stadium at around 11.20pm as The Beastie Boys were performing. As cars were burned and property damaged, the stadium was evacuated. Underworlds’ Rick Smith was one of the injured. He was hospitalised for a time in Athens, but has now returned to the UK for further treatment. Several other people including security guards were seriously hurt.

NME reported about the incident here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ejekt festival

Well... Underworld didn't play there. Sofar the news is that The Beasty Boys were on stage and about the end their concert when riots started on and around the festival grounds. 'Anarchists' set fire to cars etc...
pictures on a site in greek.

Online translation:
' Inconceivable finishing (before few hours) [bradias] that had the better conditions. Above that was [enthoysiasmenoi] from the organisation of Ejekt Festival and prepared [dithyramboys] for the two appearances of foreigner names, we were rolled up… And basically, we remembered in who country we live…'
Little before the appearance of Madness it began first traditional “[ntoy]” those who they waited for patiently their line. Afterwards, the battle with [eiselthontes] follow the did decision of (need? him we will learn tomorrow) is left free the space of entry - pray, however, in the hands those who they came in order to they cause villain. In this cases comes first the safety of big mass of world, conform. However: the absence of any element of control can deter from potential episodes, but it allowed the predominance of anarchy. From and afterwards the surrounding space was at some time dominated from [koykoyloforoys] and [kranoforoys] with [gklomp], that burned cars, threatened even the world that was in the toilets, chased even persons that simply had the vip [paso] (him we saw also this with our eyes!). Lack of culture?
Something bad and of this…

More here, again in a online translation.

There's news from different sources now (non official sofar) that it was announced at the festival that Underworld weren't going to play because one of the members got hurt during the attacks at the backstage area. :( Let's hope everybody is fine.

update 2
report by someone who was there
so I wish those responsible for Underworld not playing lose their genitals in a weird accident.'

First images of the new tour

Here you can view a 7 min. phonecam video of the Turkey concert. Sound is terrible as you would expect.

First picture I did find

Friday, June 15, 2007

Next up

Right now UW is on stage in Istanbul, Turkey. There isn't a livestream :(

Next concert is tomorrow, june 16th in Athens, Greece at the Ejekt Festival.
http://www.rockradio.gr is mediapartner, dunno if there will be a live stream, let's hope there will be one.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tour news

Today there was news about a concert on a festival in Ireland. More details will be released soon.
info sofar: http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/atl/news_specific79265.shtml

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The gear is packed, as you could see in a picture at uwlive a few days ago. It's been send to Istanbul for the Efes One Love festival.
Friday june 15th the first concert of the new worldtour will happen.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Underworld have been filmed by the BBC for the Cultureshow program. This will be broadcasted in the near future. I'll post details when I have them.

Just to let any of you Brits know (or anyone that can view BBC2)...

The Culture Show are doing a British Film Special on Saturday 23rd, 7pm, BBC2......with an Underworld element (apparently, so I'm told)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Here's a piece of the 1998 Arte docu called Universal Techno.

Friday, June 08, 2007

uwlive archive update

The archive has been updated again, this time with more video from Moscow and in the audio section 2 tracks of the fabulous Zurich concert have been posted.
There's also some news about the concerts in the near future.

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