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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ejekt festival

Well... Underworld didn't play there. Sofar the news is that The Beasty Boys were on stage and about the end their concert when riots started on and around the festival grounds. 'Anarchists' set fire to cars etc...
pictures on a site in greek.

Online translation:
' Inconceivable finishing (before few hours) [bradias] that had the better conditions. Above that was [enthoysiasmenoi] from the organisation of Ejekt Festival and prepared [dithyramboys] for the two appearances of foreigner names, we were rolled up… And basically, we remembered in who country we live…'
Little before the appearance of Madness it began first traditional “[ntoy]” those who they waited for patiently their line. Afterwards, the battle with [eiselthontes] follow the did decision of (need? him we will learn tomorrow) is left free the space of entry - pray, however, in the hands those who they came in order to they cause villain. In this cases comes first the safety of big mass of world, conform. However: the absence of any element of control can deter from potential episodes, but it allowed the predominance of anarchy. From and afterwards the surrounding space was at some time dominated from [koykoyloforoys] and [kranoforoys] with [gklomp], that burned cars, threatened even the world that was in the toilets, chased even persons that simply had the vip [paso] (him we saw also this with our eyes!). Lack of culture?
Something bad and of this…

More here, again in a online translation.

There's news from different sources now (non official sofar) that it was announced at the festival that Underworld weren't going to play because one of the members got hurt during the attacks at the backstage area. :( Let's hope everybody is fine.

update 2
report by someone who was there
so I wish those responsible for Underworld not playing lose their genitals in a weird accident.'

what happened is some troublemakers that always appear in public events started gathering in the entrance in an attempt to rush in and the organisers opened the gates to let everyone in, not wanting to cause a mess. Soon afterwards, those fine souls who came to see a concert wearing helmets and carrying long sticks attacked the bars, looted everything and broke all fridges and beer taps. Just then, they put 3 cars on fire at the VIP parking and made for the backstage area throwing things to crew and people working there.

Underworld members saw the mayhem and denied to perform and as they were being rushed to their van one was injured along with a member of their crew. They were both taken to a hospital and I have no news of what happened since, although it seems the crew member was hit bad as he was shielding the band (no idea who from Underworld got hurt as well)...
some troublemakers gathered outside the gates and the organizers opened them so everyone outside came in for free. the same music loving kind souls coming to a concert wearing helmets and carrying sticks attacked the bars and looted them destroying the beer taps and fridges. They bullied VIP pass owners and as they started for the backspage area 3 cars started burning. Their excuse was that security guards attacked some of them after they rushed the gates (of course, storming the gates without paying is perfectly normal to them and security guards are not supposed to retaliate).

Underworld refused to play and as they were rushed to their van one band member (no idea who) was hurt along with a crew member trying to shield them. They both were taken to a hospital and we have no news of them since.

organizers myspace page:
Hello from Athens.
Was there yesterday, the report on avopolis.gr (a site in greek) is correct.
When the "hurt underworld member" anouncement
came out (by a really shaky organiser), we all said ok, it all got out of control so they send everybody home
before it gets really messy.
Unfortunately, afterwards, outside the venue, in the huge traffic cue that occured, me and a friend that was backstage when it all got wrong had the following conversation:
- Hey, all fucked up as everybody, right?
- It's a fuckin' pity man.
- Right, man, at least nobody got hurt...
- Well, underworld's singer got hit by a rock, backstage.
- Fuck, man, it's true?Fuck...
- Yes, he's at the hospital.

Well, it's a 2nd hand information, but the guy is quite solid, a manager of a sponsor company, deep in this fest from the start.He is also a fan.

That's all I know.Couldn't get any more info online today.
Hope it's nothing serious.

ilias apostolidis, athens, gr
Heineken Ejekt Festival 2007
16th June 2007



Underworlds’ Rick Smith, Karl Hyde, Darren Price and crew were caught up in trouble reportedly caused by “anarchists” at the Eject Festival in Athens on Saturday night (16/06/07). Underworld were scheduled to close the festival that also included Madness and The Beastie Boys. It is reported that a group of around 30 masked individuals, armed with CS-gas, iron bars and baseball bats stormed the stadium at around 11.20pm as The Beastie Boys were performing. As cars were burned and property damaged, the stadium was evacuated. Underworlds’ Rick Smith was one of the injured. He was hospitalised for a time in Athens, but has now returned to the UK for further treatment. Several other people including security guards were seriously hurt.

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