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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Born Slippy.nuxx still going strong

Today a hitlist of songs which made the most money during a fundraising for the Dutch Red Cross finishes at Radio 3FM.
Underworld - BS.nuxx ended at place 16.
For 15euro (or more) you could request a song during a week long fundraising broadcast. With the money the Red Cross is going to reunite families in Congo in Africa.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

AHDO button

There is an auction for the the AHDO button I saw earlier in an other auction for a Tokyo cd.
Anybody knows the story behind this?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Still #1

JAL to Tokyo is still number 1 in the japanese Itunes electronic top 10!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New remixer 'known' (updated)

Some posted at the dirty board this link to an interview with Nic Fanciulli.

'Actually I’ve just signed to do remixes for the new Underworld album. You know what we were talking about getting to play with big names. Well how’s that? I get to do Underworld’s new album. I mean I grew up listening to those guys and now I get to do that. It’s amazing. Really great. I’m so thankful to be doing this I really love it. Last year I worked with Tiefschwarz too that was a buzz, those guys can really rock it.'

thnx for the link

update: Forgot to add that he played the
Underworld - JUMBO (PAUL THOMAS & Mark GILESPIES PUNK ROK MEETS DEX IN THE CITY EDIT during his 'weekend hot mix' in the essential selection of 27-08-2004

***Weekend Hot Mix part 1 - with Nic Fancuilli - live from Cafe Mambo***
Electrofunk 'Unknown' (White Label)
Joey Negro pres Akabu 'Don't Hold Back (Skylark Mix)' (NRK)
Portabella 'Viva La Difference (Mark Knight & Martijn Ten Velden Remix)' (Eye Industries)
Underworld 'Jumbo (Punked Rok Edit)' (JPO)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Tokyo Hot100

Underworld's JAL to Tokyo made it # 29 2 weeks ago in the Tokyo HOT100, a weekly radio show at J-WAVE.

last week it was #53 and this week it's #73. So, they need votes!
Scroll down till you see the song and click on the green bullet button, next site will show up, scroll down and click 'vote'.

tokyo 3cd artwork update

Sunday, December 18, 2005

InterFM podcast interview with Karl (or is it Carl...)

There is a podcast of an interview with Karl at the InterFM website, a Tokyo radiostation.

"This weeks guyPod is an interview with Carl Hyde from Underworld who
were in Japan for Electraglide 2005. I've interviewed Carl before but
this time we talk about technology, new Underworld music, losing
weight, trees, what's on Carl's i-Pod & a cool thing to do in London.."

Interview is in English + Japanese translation.

Sziget 2005 review

Found another review of last summers Sziget festival with 2 pictures of Underworld I didn't link to before.

Karl during an interview.

Carl Cox mixes Born Slippy over Pontape

In this review of electraglide Osaka there is besides a piece abouit the Underworld concert, a review of what happened when Carl Cox played Born Slippy lyrics over Pontape by Renato Cohen.

"at the perfect moment just as Karl Hyde (Underworld vocalist) stood on stage to the big man's left (after rocking the crowd with his own live show on the opposite side of the arena). I saw a cheeky smile exchanged between two of the biggest dogs in the industry and it showed me that even at the global level that these performers have attained, there is still a sense of familial community and mutual respect when collaborating on shows like this."

Anybody got a recording of Carl Cox set? ;)

Top 50 Basslines of All Time

Underworld made it #27 with Moaner in the Stylus Magazine Top 50 of All Times...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

High prices for tokyo 3cd at online auctions

At yahoo auctions the Tokyo Electraglide 3CD is fetching high prices. The first one I saw on there went after 62 bids (including automatic bids) for 13.000 yen, that's 94 euro or 112 U$ or 64 GBP... wow. The auctions for other ones look like they're going to end that hight too (same bidders etc)

Cut-out of screendump.

In one auction they also give you a AHDO button / pin if you win. I've never seen this one, I don't know if it's official merchandise.

grabbed from auctionsite

Friday, December 16, 2005

Found on the web #39

Bacause Karl was 'talking' about it during the webcast... I went searching for info about the Rainbow 2000 gig they did back in 1996. He also spoke about it in the metropolis interview.

Some pictures and a report (in japanese) you can find here.

Webcast tracklisting

A tracklisting of last nights webcast was posted at http://www.dirty.org/underworld/news

thank you all who listened...tel e ma tic
2h30minutes for you

01) Pig and Dan – Micro kitchen
02) U/W
03) DJ Emerson – Rubberband man
04) U/W
05) Matthew Johnson - Marionnette
06) U/W
07) Remix
08) U/W
09) (Trentemoller Remix) Friday
10) Conet Project – Recordings of shortwave number stations
11) U/W
12) U/W
13) Dominque Eulberg
14) Pig and Dan
15) U/W
16) Joshua – Shift mix
17) U/W
18) Welsh
19) Joshua – Make me
20) U/W
21) U/W
22) T-Quest – I love Techno – Darren Price Mis session
23) Clava Rockmore – Serenade melancolique
24) U/W
25) Super Mayer Remix – You Know
26) U/W with Melt Banana
27) DJ Koze – Don’t Feed The Cat
28) U/W
29) Paul Woolford Remix – Jal To Tokyo
30) U/W


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lemon webcast update

I hope you're tuned in!
Underworld is doing a live/DJ/jam webcast at the moment. It sounds great. They're mixing new tunes with tunes we already know of the releases and live shows and old ones and some tunes by other people. Pity I have to leave now for nightshift :(

THANKS Underworld for a wonderfull webcast, AGAIN!
This is why we love you boys :o)

Lemonworld Webcast!!!

Tonight, December 15th, there will be another lemonworld webcast! :o)

big banner link

"R&K will do a broadcast from lemonworld tomorrow at 6PM GMT (that's Thursday 15th to be precise during the year of 2005) linking of the front page on underworldlive.com linking to your wires to you, send ? and ! we recommend a nice dose of * to fall upon you mad ones select the roof, the outdoor pool, bless the weather, climb the rain stair."

worldclock website
Amsterdam 19:00 New York 12:00 San Fransisco 10:00 Tokyo (thursday 16th) 03:00 Melbourne (thursday 16th) 05:00

Pic from underworldlive.com info from dirty/forum

Billboard interview

A little interview at the billboard site.

3th online EP "is probably a bit more chilled than the other two"
Next studio album should be out early 2007...
And again some talk about working with Brian Eno.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Osaka photo report

A photoreport of the Osaka concert can be found here at the Smashing Mag website.

Some links

There's some nice reading at ilikemusic.com
Pizza for eggs review
River Run review

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Electraglide Tokyo 3cd

Tomo posted in my comments that the cds were delivered. He posted a little at his blog (google translation link)
He tells that the cds were sold to 7000 people! Japan sure loves Underworld :o)

Tracklisting taken from dirty/forums
1- JAL To Tokyo 9 02
2- Mmm Skycraper ... I love you 5 57
3- Kittens 9 06
4- Morrocan Meatballs 2 43
5- Juanita 12 05
6- Spikee 5 27
7- Rez 9 27
8- Simple Distinctive 3 36
9- Nuxx 14 10 (Shouting ...)
10- Two Months off 9 42
11- Aquafunk 4 34 (A funky Hard House=))
12- Peggy Sussed 2 29
13- Lenny Penne 5 37
14- Small Concker and a twix 2 25
15- You do scrrible 7 30
16- Back in the Fears 11 39
17- King Of Snake 10 30
18- Pearls Girl 3 56
19- Push UpStairs 5 48
20- Dark Train 9 36
21- Yard Beat 5 11
22- Jumbo 9 20
23- Rowla 9 27
24- Moaner 9 43

Thanks all for the info.
Pics found at an auctioning site

Sunday, December 11, 2005

JAL to Tokyo promo

Today a JAl to Tokyo promo + press sheet with 2 mixes on it was sold on ebay.
Tracks are:
JAL to Tokyo - woolford vox (7'52)
JAL to Tokyo - woolford dub (7'52)

crappy pic of the cover as found on ebay

Electraglide pics

There's more Electragilde pictures at flickr, made by ANA23 this time
See them here .

Electraglide 3cd

If things went like they were planned, people that ordered the electraglide tokyo 3cd at the festival should have recieved their copy. I can't find any reports on it online though :( Little trouble while searching is if there is something, it'll be in japanese which I can't read. A large % of the visitors of this blog are from Japan, perhaps one of them could post a link in the comments if he/she finds something.

Underworld did record their 25/11/2005 concert at Electraglide, Tokyo as a fan only release to people who filled in a form at Electraglide.
hmms wanted to put a picture of the cover here, but can't find it anymore :s

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Underworld at Electraglide Osaka vids

With some creative surfing I found 3 little phonecamera videos of the Underworld gig during Electraglide in Osaka posted in a review. They're in .3g2 format. I could play them without installing any codec..
Thanks to the owner of that blog, I hope you don't mind me linking to you for the videos.
Here another review about that gig, I think the writer liked it a lot...

Friday, December 09, 2005

just in #47

I just recieved a 'cafe del mar - underworld mix' 12" promo in the mail :o)



Thanks seller!


A piece about the new releases and bits of interview have been published here, in the LAcitybeat.
You can pick up a copy of the paper at these locations.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Debbie and Karl...

I just finished downloading Deborah Harry - London, Wembley Stadium 13.07.91 as a torrent.
This gig was part of the .... Tour.
This concert was part of "SUMMERXS", a festival headlining INXS.

Karl in an old interview :
"So I did that in 1991(playing with Debby Harry). It was a great tour, because we were touring with Iggy Pop, Sisters of Mercy and Billy Idol sometimes. We did that thing with INXS at Wembley stadium. I got my dad down just so I could say

"I played Wembley dad, sorry it's not football but it's the best I could do."

A picture of Karl and Deborah during the tour here
And 2 of the pictures that came with the torrent below

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MK1 song used in a Hunter episode

I walked past a store where rows of televisions where playing a familiar song.. I stopped for a moment to think what it was. It was Underworld (mk1) - change the weather! Because the logo of the station was in the top of the screens, I could find what was on at that time.

Season 6 (1989)
episode 10 - # Brotherly Love

pitchfork interview

This link was posted today at dirty board and rtsr http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/05-12/07.shtml#underworld

Some quotes of this interview:
He assured us, however, that Underworld have by no means forsaken traditional music release formats; indeed, the band plans to issue a number of remixes of segments culled from "Lovely Broken Thing" and "Pizza for Eggs" on 12" vinyl. A portion titled "JAL to Tokyo" received remix treatment from house DJ Paul Woolford and has been making a stir among club mavens. It will be followed by remixes from Martinez, Paul Heller, and Robag Wruhme.
Nothing much new here..

Hyde and Smith compile their own program now, on which "every music genre is fair game," and share it via their multimedia internet headquarters dirty.org. Episodes see light intermittently, and Hyde hopes to do another before Christmas.
Great! :)

"We were kind of jamming in the studio earlier this year, and it was kind of obvious that something was kicking off there," Hyde said of working with Eno. "We've given him some stuff and he's given us some stuff. We have these conversations and meet and talk and play each other's stuff, and he's quietly getting on with something we've given him, and we're waiting for his response and we'll kind of take it from there. Really, just the doors are open, so if somebody walks in, something can happen, you know?"

There was a post at uwlive.com some time ago about working with Brian Eno.. Let's hope this will see the light of day sometime! :o)

New tunes

Today the newest online release was added to the www.underworldlive.com shop. 6 tracks in one mix, 444 photos and artwork.
Tracks are: food a ready, back in the fears, vanilla monkey, flatz, ancient phat farm coat, and play pig.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

DIY video of BS.nuxx and Sola Sistim

On the site I found the ILT video in the earlier post I also found a video of BS.nuxx made by glowgrilnyc. I think it's well made and something different then the flood of remixes we see for once.
And another one for Sola Sistem by meth.

ILT video

You can watch a little video of the videoscreens room at I Love Techno during the Underworld concert here
Thanks to the person who upped it there.

Monday, December 05, 2005

news #43

Today there is a new post at dirty/underworld in the news section about the coming online release.

Electraglide Tokyo review + pics

Anarchy posted a comment under the dress picture with the link to his blog. There you can find a long report about Electraglide and the DJ's and bands he saw. There's some pics there too.
All in Chinese, English google 'translation' here...
Thnx Anarchy :o)
Full tracklisting of that gig:

Copied from Anarchy's site.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Aaaand another bootleg remix

Yet another bootleg remix of Born Slippy was made...
And yet another one... TMO this time. info
Here another socalled mash-up, Peaches vs underworld by fidelski.

ILT review

Another review of I Love Techno can be found here , it's in Czechian.
There are some pics of ILT on Koen Rutten's site. 3 are of Underworld.

Friday, December 02, 2005

news #42

There's some info about the next release in this piece of JIVEmagazine.

Yesterday there was an interview with Karl on Japanese telly.

Then there is a press-release by Seiko (translated by google), they are going to sell a watch that uses E-ink to show the time in the display. The design is by Tota Hasegawa of the Tomato design team. Thnx aNt at dirty.


I found this interview with Karl... click here for an translation by google

I found another interview with Karl in japanese here ,English translation by google, click here

Electraglide report

Read (if you know japanese that is) a report about Electraglide including some pictures of the acts there at this site

Thanks to the writer of that blog!

Some old vids of Karl Hyde

I was looking if I could find some more concert pics of the Electraglide concerts when I found this site. http://www.barks.jp/artist/?id=1027883
There are 3 videos with Karl if you scrole down to 'videos'

Thursday, December 01, 2005


In the members section at underworldlive.com you can find a new entery called Lyrics!
Underworld used to not publish lyrics because they thought that people should interpreted them as they want.
The lyrics are for JAL to Tokyo, dub shepherd, peggy sussed, lenny penne, witness.

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