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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Electraglide 3cd

If things went like they were planned, people that ordered the electraglide tokyo 3cd at the festival should have recieved their copy. I can't find any reports on it online though :( Little trouble while searching is if there is something, it'll be in japanese which I can't read. A large % of the visitors of this blog are from Japan, perhaps one of them could post a link in the comments if he/she finds something.

Underworld did record their 25/11/2005 concert at Electraglide, Tokyo as a fan only release to people who filled in a form at Electraglide.
hmms wanted to put a picture of the cover here, but can't find it anymore :s

I wrote about it in my blog.Basically it's the excellent sound quality 3 CDs in very bootleg looking.It's already in Yahoo Japan auction...I can't understand why people sell this kind of CD....
Hello Tomo,

I'll link to a google 'translation' of your blogentry in mine.
I read that about 7000 people bought it? WOW! That's more then I ever thought would do so.
Yeah, I see it's being sold there. I would never sell mine if I had it, but I'm a hardcore collector ofcourse :)
Thanks for the info!
I just would like to inform the official photos of Electraglide have been uploaded at hmusic.jp, a LOUD friend site.
Thanks for the info Tomo :)
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