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Sunday, October 29, 2006

mxtronica site

I didn't find this one before, my fault ofcourse, but here it is..
The official MXtronica site, with a fun flash pictureshow of UW.
Also there is an interview with Karl here.
One of the questions is, which vocalist he would want to work with. Answer CLODAGH SIMOND
of Fovea Hex.
His 3 fav records of the moment:
1. Captain Beefheart “Tropical Hot Dog Night”
2. Jimmy Hendrix “Voodoo Child”
3. Martha & The Vandellas “Dancing in the street”
But he could go on and on and...
What is his favorite live track? Karl hasn't one, he likes the vibe of the concert and the crowd.

There is an picture page with promo pix by Perou.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Breaking and Entering review

There is a review of the breaking and entering soundtrack here in the independent. It gets 4 out of 5 stars, not bad.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Renaissance Presents Nic Fanciulli Vol 2

Renaissance Presents Nic Fanciulli Vol 2 ,is out now.

Cd 2 track 2 is: Underworld - "Play Pig" (Buick Project remix 2)

Next 2 concerts

The next two concerts in the 2006 tour are:

27-oct MXtronica in Moscow, Russia
28-oct MXtronica in St. Petersburg, Russia
Link to one of the many many russian sites about these gigs.

If you're from Russia and see posters, flyers or stuff about these concerts in the newspapers or where ever, make a copy or picture and please send it to me. (email in top bar)

Monday, October 23, 2006

You tubes...

I keep finding new vids on youtube.
2003 electraglide Pearls Girl.
An interview with karl/ BS live at electraglide 2005

Riga / vilnius / Tallinn concerts

I've heard reports of these concert, M.G. of dirty/board was there with a friend. They had a great time. There are also reactions by other people that went to these concerts at underworlds myspace website. I'm still looking for pix and/or reports of these dates. If you have anything, put it in the comments or mail me.

Interview at DJ Scene.lt (can somebody translate this into english please?)

Phonevids at youtube from:
Pictures from:
Vilnius at DJscene.lt

Helsinki reports and stuff

Back from the Helsinki concert and mini holiday..
We did make it into the Helsinki concert, but couldn't go to the one in Tallinn. Due to the bad weather there weren't any boats sailing there. :(
The Helsinki concert was relocated to a smaller place because of the low number of tickets sold. This relocation to Stockholm Diskotek worked out great. It was very loud... but at times the crowd was even louder! :o)

Some links to reactions etc. Some in finnish.
Klubitus board
DJ Orion's blog (English)
Pix at flickr by Antimega
Dirty's Gaborez pictures. It was great to meet you, but take less pix of me next time ,please ;) (p.s. where's the pic of the reindeer burger??)

2 more youtubes 1 2

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Report of the october 18th gig

Marc/M.G. reported from the concert last night in vilnius

1> Big bloody mess at the door - shitty organisation, can't smoke. They have just come on stage but they are still doing sound checks.
2> mmm skyscraper i love you
3> 2 new songs? then an amazing and loooooong version of biro the leggy, then juanita, it's very very good and the audience are going crazy
4> Nuxx now - huge!
5> the sound is very very good, and ooooh! Tina...Tina... Push...Push... and Karl is killing himself laughing here
6> Moaner... and the green laser!
7> Finished better than it started. Rick and Karl and Darren very joyful and happy at the end.

Change of venue

The Helsinki 21st october concert will be in another venue.
New venue seems to be Stockholm Diskotek.
Address : Simonkatu 8, Helsinki
See here.

Euh bit late this...

But better late then never.
September 8th there was a Underworld pre-party in the Essential club in Riga.
Darren price did spin there, you can see pix here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Next concerts

October 19th Underworld will be preforming at:
venue: riga arena Riga, Latvija
October 20th saku suurhall Tallin, Estonia
October 21th old icehall Helsinki, Finland
I've updated those dates now already cos I'll be going to the latter 2 :o)

Request; if you can read russian, could you tell me if there is anything about a live stream on this site for that event/festival. It is one of those events there might be one, but I doubt it.

Great remix(es) of Skym

A Russian DJ/producer named Fabrio Lava made a remix of Underworlds Skym, great stuff.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Next up in the tour

Next date in the tour will be venue: litexpo hall, Vilnius, lithuania October 18th
Info here.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Review(s) Cocoon 12-10-2006

I'll post reviews here in one topic as I find them.

Eikman of dirty/board (it was great to meet you!) wrote a review with a tracklist at his weblog, it is in german.
Some pictures at flickr by Geo.

A few phonecame videos by Lieven.

Webstream numbers: 19.666 viewers from 90 countries. The uwlive server got hit 150.000 times around the start of the stream (22:30) no wonder it had an hard time staying alive ;)

More pictures, by KoS this time.

More phonevideos at youtube by exobyte

More little videos

More pictures found on the web.

An interview with Sven Vath about the Cocoon concept. One line about the gig with Underworld int there.

2 more videos (parts of cowgirl and moaner)

A load of pictures by the photographers we saw all over the stage at the cocoonity website. You need to be a member there to full them at bigger or screensize.

Friday, October 13, 2006

cocoon report

I'm back home!
After an horrible journey to frankfurt due to train trouble etc... I got at cocoon 10 minutes or so before Underworld got on stage. So I missed the dirty meeting :( sorry, I did all I could to make it in time but the train trouble was just to much.

Great show!!!! This needs to be done again somewhere, somewhen, somehow.
3.5 hours of new/old/improv/classics/madness.
I'll write more when I have time :)

I hope you all were able to watch the stream, I was told that at one point 15.000 people were watching!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Karl on Rob da Bank about cocoon / Peelday

Karl did call in at Rob da Banks radioshow last monday morning.
You can listen it back here, it's about 32 minutes into the show. Talks about the upcoming Cocoon show and the webcast.

Underworld & Sven Vath live from Cocoon broadcast

I've not much time tomorrow to post here, so I'll do it today.

Be sure to install Apple's Quick time (or quick alternative ofcourse...) and point your browser to
The flyer at UWlive says it starts at 22:30 (10:30pm CEST) Frankfurt time.
Us the worldclocksite to see what time that is for you. (current time in Frankfurt = )

Have fun watching and listening!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dirty meet location

With the dirty/board down at the moment, people might not know the location of the pre-concert meeting the 12th.
Update: forum is back up.

Time 18:00 - till we have to leave for the concert. (Doors of Cocoon 21:00 )
Location: Nachtleben, Kurt-Schumacher Str. 45 (Konstablerwache / Zeil) 60313 Frankfurt.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Apple Quicktime newsletter

Matt at dirty/board recieved the Apple Quicktime newsletter with this in it:
Apple have set this out to all Quicktime Newsletter Subscribers:

"On October 12, pioneers of the jam and conquerors of festival crowds Underworld and master of the dance-floor and one of the world’s finest DJs Sven Vath will join forces for a once-in-a-lifetime live broadcast event from Cocoon Club in Frankfurt.

Cocoon Club was conceived as an avant-garde field experiment for transforming space and perception. As such it provides the ideal backdrop for this collaboration which extends to all aspects of the show’s production — Underworld, Sven, the space, crowd, light, film, sound and Internet.

The event represents a new concept for live music experiences. How will it actually work and what will they actually do? You’ll need to tune in to this special 3-hour live performance, exclusively in QuickTime, to find out."

Thnx for the info.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It seems I did have a setting set wrong for the comments on this blog. You're able to comment now again.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

new toy

With the upcoming tour and dirty.org meetings, I had to have a new mobilephone. My old one was a siemens C55 which even didn't have a colo(u)r screen. My new one is the Sony-Ericsson K800i.
It not only has a colo(u)r screen but also is an 3.2 meg cybershot picturemakingmachine, loads of whistles and bells you never dreamed of to have in a mobile phone etc... And you can use it as phone too, great.
First thing I did when I got the software running on my pc was uploading my own background to it. Yep, the Cocoon gig poster :o)

Typography review

This blog reviews the artwork of the recent 12" releases.

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