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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Next concerts

October 19th Underworld will be preforming at:
venue: riga arena Riga, Latvija
October 20th saku suurhall Tallin, Estonia
October 21th old icehall Helsinki, Finland
I've updated those dates now already cos I'll be going to the latter 2 :o)

Request; if you can read russian, could you tell me if there is anything about a live stream on this site for that event/festival. It is one of those events there might be one, but I doubt it.

hey LLoyd, I know someone who can read russian, but the link doesn't seem to work.
Link still works for me in firefox.
Else try http://xdance.ru/ at the bottom is the link to the UW concert.
is there anything else then FF?? ;-)
it works for me as well...just a glitch in copy pasting or so.

Anyway! about live streaming on this website...it's a "no". I checked with my Russian source and she investigated the website for me. Thanks Esmee!
Yeah I know, there was a russian in our chatchannel the other day, we asked him too. Thanks anyway :o)
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