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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dirty epic remix

Dirty epic remix by Jori Hulkkonen

Reviews etc..

First reviews of the Rotterdam concert:

Oor has a possitive one this time. (has some errors, but was corrected for dj broadcast)
newspaper AD writes 'masters of subtileness in dance music'
All in dutch of course.
Pics by Defsixer
Pics by Jsoe
Review in de Volkskrant
Some pictures by Passetti and his (rewritten) review in DJ Broadcast.

Reviews of the Amsterdam concert:
Pics by wouterihno
Blog called Casa di Ricomanjaro
Review in Het Parool.

More pictures at the underworld-pool at flickr

amsterdam setlist

Setlist in amsterdam was:

Improv into Bamboo to start
Little Speaker - Karl left the stage to watch and dance
Improv into BS Nuxx with Billy Goat bassline
Boy Boy Boy with Rick singing!
Improv into Crocodile
Two Months Off
Dark Train (?)/Kittens
Break for Poem
Jungle intro to Jumbo
Holding The Moth

I think... thnx guys at darktrain. updated by KoS

Just back from the Amsterdam concert

TMO (yeah this time I'm right ;)

Karl in total extasie during Moaner

grainy pic (kinda arty isn't it?) of the knobtwiddletwins

Crowd during NUXX

The end....

Visit darktrain.org/forums for tracklistings and reviews and all other Underworld things in life...

Rotterdam tracklisting

Tracklisting of the Rotterdam 2CD:

disc 1 tracklist

1 - Glam Bucket/Dark & Long
2 - Beautiful Burnout
3 - Can U Feel This Bass/Pearl's Girl
4 - Born Slippy Nuxx
5 - improv/King Of Snake
6 - Jumbo
7 - Born Slippy original/breakbeat version
8 - Rotterdam Poem

disc 2 tracklist:

1 - Crocodile
2 - improv/Deep Arch
3 - 5 Foot 5/Air Towel/Mowed Path
4 - Dark Train
5 - Two Months Off
6 - Cowgirl/Rez

thnx KoS

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just back from Rotterdam concert

Picture during Jumbo with the tubes lightning up.
Great concert which was almost totally mixed together in one flow.
Great improvs and some old tunes.
Liveherenow recorded it and sold cds after the show

edit: was so 'used' to that the tubes were up during TMO that I made that error...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Live reviews of the Koln concert

reviews of the first concert in the 'new' tour are being written and published all over the webs.


Some with pix, all in german of course.

Some phonecamvids http://www.youtube.com/user/vento2210

Born Slippy cover

Konstantin Gropper alias Get Well Soon has an album out called 'Rest Now, Weary Head!
You Will Get Well Soon'.
Track 9 on the album is a cover of Underworlds Born Slippy Nuxx.

Monday, January 28, 2008

EU tour + US show news

The EU tour part II kicks of tonight in Köln. See uwlive.com > events for the dates.

And (semi official) there's a date for a new US concert.
March 29th at the Ultra Music Festival (during the winter music conference), headlining the main stage.

Playmobile art

Matt found us a site with playmobile animation movies. http://www.freyart.co.uk/

For Jungle magic, karl lent his voice to the pilot in the plane.
The creator of these movies also writes:

Underworld - Bounce

In 2006, my favourite band, Underworld, asked me to create a film for an unreleased track. I can’t show it here but there are some pictures if you want a look.

Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 tour

2008 Tour details
jan 2008
28-jan-08 paladium köln germany
29-jan-08 massilo rotterdam holland
30-jan-08 heineken music hall amsterdam holland
31-jan-08 a/b (main hall) brussels belgium

feb 2008
2-feb-08 tonhalle munich germany
4-feb-08 the docks hamburg germany
5-feb-08 columbiahalle berlin germany
8-feb-08 electronic beats festival bratislava slovakia
9-feb-08 electronic beats festival prague czech republic
28-feb-08 roundhouse london uk
29-feb-08 roundhouse london uk

mar 2008
20-mar-08 cocoon club frankfurt germany

may 2008
7-may-08 nuit sonores festival lyon france
9-may-08 forward festival madrid spain
10-may-08 forward festival valencia spain

Saturday, January 12, 2008

tracklisting underworldmix

Underworld 45Minute Mix…
Strafe - ‘Set it off’ (Jus Born Records)
Deekay Jones – ‘New York New York’ (Glass)
Boytronik – ‘Bryllyant’ (Mercury)
Tronik Youth – ‘We Are…’ (Backyard)
Nitzer Ebb – ‘Join in the Chant’ (Mute)
Get Shakes – ‘Sista Self Doubt’ (Shakes)
Laurent X – ‘Machines’ (House Nation Records)
West Bam – ‘Hold Me Back’ (Low Spirit)
Jim Peters – ‘Let’s Work’ (White Label)
Linkwood Family – ‘Mean It’ (Firecracker)
Reese & Santonio – ‘Rock to the Beat’ (kms)
Stakker – ‘Humanoid’ (Jumpin’ & Pumpin’)
Underworld – ‘Lenne Penne’ (Darren Price Mix) (Underworldlive.com)

Friday, January 11, 2008

underworld mix at bbc radio 1

Friday, January 04, 2008

Crocodile mashup

Yet another mashup, Crocodile this time.
Underworld vs everything but the girl - crocodile missing by bastard bob

It's even a video mashup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apVHa83RziY

Thursday, January 03, 2008

UW itunes upgrade

The Bang/Todd wrote at darktrain/boards:
iTunes Plus upgrade for underworldlive.com (UK only)
I noticed that at some time in the recent past all the underworldlive.com label material (OwB, Crocodile, etc.) on iTunes UK was upgraded to iTunes Plus. That means no DRM and twice the bitrate (256 Kbps vs. 128 Kbps).

You can upgrade your previously purchased DRM'd songs for £0.20 per song or 25% of the album price. To upgrade, on the main iTunes Store page, click the "iTunes Plus" Quick Link on the right-hand side, and then use the "Upgrade My Library" section.

The iTunes Plus upgrade doesn't seem to have been extended to the US or Japan stores.

BB review at comfortcomes

Bobbyjames23 found a review of Beautiful Burnout by Dave Adair at comfortcomes

Beautiful Burnout mashup

JVP found us a mashup of Beautiful Burnout with BT's Knowledge of self.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bootleg remixes of Beautiful Burnout?

This is making the rounds on the interwebs. Sofar I think these are bootleg remixes until I find/get other information.
01 - Beautiful Burnout (Javier Haedo ® Fabric Of Dreams Main Mix) - 12:19
02 - Beautiful Burnout (Javier Haedo ® Holding Deep Stars In My Dub Mix) - 11:20
03 - Beautiful Burnout (Javier Haedo ® Holding Deep Stars In My Room Mix) - 09:43

BS mashup in top 10

a mashup with BS made it in the top 15 of 2007 as elected by Culture Bully.

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