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Thursday, January 31, 2008

amsterdam setlist

Setlist in amsterdam was:

Improv into Bamboo to start
Little Speaker - Karl left the stage to watch and dance
Improv into BS Nuxx with Billy Goat bassline
Boy Boy Boy with Rick singing!
Improv into Crocodile
Two Months Off
Dark Train (?)/Kittens
Break for Poem
Jungle intro to Jumbo
Holding The Moth

I think... thnx guys at darktrain. updated by KoS

Great night. Love the CD as well.
my account on darktrain won't activate.

here is the cd playlist:

cd 1

01. Bamboo
02. Little speaker
03. Born slippy nuxx
04. Boy boy boy
05. Crocodile
06. Two months off
07. Poem (intro), dark train/kittens


cd 2

01. Jumbo
02. Spikee / Shudder-King of Snake
03. Moaner
04. Moaner (outro)
05. Holding the moth
06. Beautiful burnout
07. (encore) Cowgirl/rez

grt djmarshal
Great show, except for the abrupt cut-off at the end - I think you'll find that Cowgirl/Rez was actually just Cowgirl (and I was hanging for those Rez arpeggios!).
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