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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


You can listen to 4 previews of the upcoming release at htp://www.underworldlive.com
There is a press-release at dirty.org news

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shriekback history

The history of the band Shriekback has been written here.
As you might know, Karl worked with them on an album called Sacred City.

Monday, May 29, 2006

And yet another booty...

Rob da Bank played a 'remix' of TMO in his sunday's Blue Room morning show.
It is called Bootrock - two months off (or TMO.. can't find it with google)
Listen again here, sunday show, 25mins 30secs into the show

Friday, May 26, 2006

Interview with John Warwicker

You can find an interview with Tomato's John Warwicker at this site.

Amongst other things he speaks about what he has done lately for Underworld:
'6. Working with Rick and Karl of ‘Underworld’ on a multitude of projects. New Book, Online Publications, 12" ‘House’ Bag, 12" Sleeves for Remixes...'

The original article was published here, with pictures.
thnx chuck.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

UW at iJamming

Bit late perhaps, but there was a piece posted about underworld at iJamming.com about the lemonworld broadcast.

UW news at MTV.nl

There is a little bit of info about the fortcoming releases at the dutch MTV site. In dutch ofcourse.
Nothing new for us/me there.

Underworld live archive updated again

Yesterday the audio and video archive at underworldlive.com has been updated again.
This time with:
Lenne Penne video from Sziget festival
KoS, d's ablt, lenne penne, small conker twix, you do scribble and dark and long of the concert at The Akedemic Sophia, Bulgaria.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

UW in todays Independent

There is a little interview, mixed up with a lot of old facts, in todays Independent.

Same piece in the Belfast Telegraph.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Today Resident Advisor reports about the news that was given during the lemonworld webcast.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More soundtrack news

Karl said something about it already during the webcast, they are going to do another movie soundtrack. News about it did appear at teletext on an UK tv-channel. (Its on page 10 or 11 on page 351 on Channel 4) thnx Dirty0900.
Underworld is going to do the soundtrack for the new Danny Boyle movie called Sunshine.
The script is written by Alex Garland who also wrote The Beach.

Monday, May 15, 2006

as promised by Karl

As was said during the broadcast, the whole 186:24 mins of lemonworld session at underworldlive.com, in 96kbps mp3.
Also the tracklisting is published there
http://www.dirty.org has been updated too with the news given during the webcast.
- the next installment of the Riverrun Project will be released June 5th and called 'I'm A Big Sister, And I'm A Girl, And I'm A Princess, And This Is My Horse'

- on July 10th, 'The Misterons Mix' will be released on Underworldlive.com, a mix up of tracks from the first 3 river run releases given for free to those who bought the first 3 Riverrun releases.

- the 'Breaking and Entering' soundtrack is done, will inform you as soon as we get the details on it, the movie is released October 6th in America.

+++ plans to self release a few 12" this summer via their own label !!!
+++ tour date to be added later this year
+++ new movie soundtrack work
+++ new album that you'll be able to eat, if your read with a laser eye or head shell

Thanks underworld and team!
Thanks super aNt!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Webcast is still going on. The radio 3fm/3voor12 bit has ended already.
Karl had some news to tell us, Geo sums it up for us.
Originally Posted by Geo
So, there will be live shows during this year!
Plus a new riverrun on June 5th!
Plus 12" releases from their own label during the summer!
Plus a Physical album!
Plus another soundtrack!
Crazysugarboy added:
...and, did I hear karl right, tracks from the broadcast on the archive??
Cured had this to add:
bits on the archive is one thing...but I imagine someone has the whole shebang.
So I buy the next release of riverrun and (since I bought the previous two) I get another mix for free? Har har!

Last nights tracklist can be found at http://www.dirty.org/underworld/news

It's over now, here's the last pic of the webcam.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Webcast tonight!

Tonight is the lemonworld webcast. It starts at 10pm BST.
Current time in London

There will be a link for the live stream at http://www.underworldlive.com

If/When this server is maxed out, you also can tune in via:
Listen to 3fm:
In the green part at the left side, under 3FM ON AIR, click on (bb)
This opens a popup for the radiostream.

listen to 3voor12:
Where it says LIVE near the top of the page, click on WEBRADIO.
This opens a popup for the radiostream.
Look for 3voor12 BPM and select the stream you want, realaudio, WMA or MP3.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NME writes about UW webcast!

NME, a big music mag, published details about the coming Lemonworlddirtyvpro webcast.

edit: the news can also be found here at love2party (dutch)
and OOR magazine here
and here at resident advisor.

Monday, May 08, 2006

3voor12 / VPRO 3FM info

Today the 3voor12 newsletter arrived in my mailbox and it had the info about the upcoming UW webcast in it. Also a link to a webpage about it. It's in dutch ofcourse..

Quick translation:
3voor12BPM exclusively streams a liveset by Underworld. Somewhere in a little cabin in the British countryside, hidden from the eyes of curious fans, Underworld has located their state-of-the-art studio. Usually they intensivly work there on new material, but every now and then they want to stream a radio-set through their website www.underworldlive.com from there.
Coming saterday it's the first time that they colaborate with another website. They're going to stream a 2 hour exclusive radio-set at 3VOOR12BPM!
The radio-set will be something involving a radioshow and a live concert.
Manager Mike Gillespie of Underworld is excited over the collaboration. "We love VPRO", he tells us by phone. Well, that suits us. It's a pity Underworld only can stream audio, because for a decent videostream from the English countryside, there isn't enough bandwidth. By satellite perhaps? Gillespie: "Rather not, because when the people in the village see one of those big trucks with a sat-dish stand besides the house, the whole fanbase of Underworld knows where to find them. And that would be the end of their tranquility. To the question if they use Groucho Marx spectacles when they drive to their secret hide-out, Gillespie answers:"No, but I will certainly suggest it to Karl."

So, audio only... two hours of music by worlds most famous dance-act. Expect new material and information about a fortcoming release. Tune in saterday may 13th between 23.00 and 01:00 on 3FM, when Underworld broadcasts their exclusive radioset during 3VOOR12BPM. It sure will be something special.

Check out the underworld-site for more info.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

New mash-up

I recieved an email by DJmattJosh that he made a new mash-up in which he used Cowgirl.
It's called Peter Presta vs Underworld - Cowgirl on Ecstacy (DJ Matt Josh Bodyshaker Combo)
He kindly provided a download link for this one, here.
He also uses it in his latest uploaded live mix (15 april) at his site, check it out.
Thnx Matt.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hot News!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

TMO on Global Underground compilation

Bit late but..
The Global Underground series are released for 10 years now.
To celebrate the longevity of the label that has helped spread the underground to the higher ground, GU will be releasing its massive 10 year anniversary disc that spans across an insane 4-Disc Limited set along with the triple-vinyl that is expected to hit shelves in May.
See the tracklisting and other details here at Resident Advisor.

Underworld - Two Months Off is the first track on the first disc.

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