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Monday, May 15, 2006

as promised by Karl

As was said during the broadcast, the whole 186:24 mins of lemonworld session at underworldlive.com, in 96kbps mp3.
Also the tracklisting is published there
http://www.dirty.org has been updated too with the news given during the webcast.
- the next installment of the Riverrun Project will be released June 5th and called 'I'm A Big Sister, And I'm A Girl, And I'm A Princess, And This Is My Horse'

- on July 10th, 'The Misterons Mix' will be released on Underworldlive.com, a mix up of tracks from the first 3 river run releases given for free to those who bought the first 3 Riverrun releases.

- the 'Breaking and Entering' soundtrack is done, will inform you as soon as we get the details on it, the movie is released October 6th in America.

+++ plans to self release a few 12" this summer via their own label !!!
+++ tour date to be added later this year
+++ new movie soundtrack work
+++ new album that you'll be able to eat, if your read with a laser eye or head shell

Thanks underworld and team!
Thanks super aNt!

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