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Friday, August 31, 2007


UWlive has been updated again with version 3 of phonestrap.

Mixmag diary

Karel from the Czech republic did find something interesting a while ago, a piece of diary by karl about the concerts in Japan which was published in Mixmag. But it was in Czech. Yesterday he mailed me his translation into English! Thanks!! (txt download)

crocodile review


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Warwicker interview

This interview is on the web for sometime already but keeps popping up in the searches I do on the interwebs, so time to post the link cos some people are asking if/what he did design for the new album.

'6. Working with Rick and Karl of Underworld?on a multitude of projects. New Book, Online Publications, 12" House?Bag, 12" Sleeves for Remixes...'

Cos this is posted on other places to, I don't know where it was originally posted.

Crocodile in cool cuts chart

Crocodile made it into the Cool Cuts Chart of 1st September 2007 at Ministry of Sound radio.
This week it's on No. 5, last week it was No. 13.

Another single and remixers?

Taken from DJmag(.com?)

Some info from the latest DJMAG:

'Underworld return with "crocodile" in early October, which fans may already know from their recent live sets. Remixes come courtesy of AMÉ, QUENTIN HARRIS, OLIVER HUNTEMANN and PETE HELLER.

Another highlight from the new set will be "Ring Road" that's already undergone the SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO remix treatment in preperation for a future single release.'

Thanks to Gaborez at darktrain/board.

In an interview with Áme with djbroadcast (in dutch) they talk about being asked to remix 'the single of the underworld album' 'along with Henrik Schwarz and Dixon' 'the original is good already, a disco-house-anthem'

Well... we've to wait and see what is going to be released in the future..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

phonestrap II

There's an other version of 'phonestrap' posted at uwlive.com
click the yellow castle.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

new tour date

Old video

A long time ago, Karl and Rick were part of Freur. With this band they were in the Tim Pope videoclip for the song I want to be a tree.

promo 'news'

Dutch DJ Lady Aida recieved her promo copy of OwB (Oblivion with Bells) earlier this week. Because the press-sheet says 'no review until october', she writes about a personal experience while playing the cd in her car while being in a trafficjam near Eindhoven, her hometown.

Track 7 brought her to tears...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

vexille OST

The Vexille OST is released and can be found as download in several online stores.
It has "Food a ready" on it.

new video at uwlive

Today you can view a new video of Cowgirl as they preformed it during the Moscow concert last year at the underworldlive.com site.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crocodile promo

On ebay there's a promo of crocodile on auction right now.
01. lp version
02. single edit
03. pete heller remix
04. oliver huntemann remix
05. oliver huntemann dub

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

where is what by who..... eurhm

Finally a list with all parties involved with the release of underworlds new album.

'U.K. electronic act Underworld will release its long-awaited fifth studio album "Oblivion with Bells" on Oct. 15 via London-based label-development firm Integral and pan-European indie label PIAS.

Issuing the album on their in-house label underworldlive.com, the duo has opted to work with Integral and distributor Vital Distribution for wider U.K. and international sales on CD and digital platforms.

Integral will also promote "Crocodile," the album's first U.K. single, on Oct. 1.

Additionally, Brussels-based PIAS, which co-owns Integral with Vital, will distribute the album in Continental Europe and via its affiliates through rest of the world, apart from the United States and Japan.

Underworld's album will be out on Traffic in Japan, and with Side One Recordings in the U.S'

sort of review

No God Only Religion writer 'Timothy Kiteless' wrote a sort of review on his blog about OwB.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

crocodile in the wild

Sasha played underworlds new single crocodile during his set for BBC radio 1's Essential mix.

Also Annie Nightingale played it during her show on monday night.

You can listen back those shows for 1 week on those sites.

Monday, August 13, 2007


www.skinner.com also has a little interview with karl on their site.


EQ-Magazine has a small interview up their website with both the boys.

very sneak preview

During a dutch telly program tiny bits of Oblivion with Bells were played.

Update: Sorry, the video was removed by myspace earlier this week due to copyright issues.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


The new gigography, the list of all past concerts, is coming about now.
Thanks Mike and others involved for this.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

First remixer known

Crocodile has been remixed by Oliver Huntemann, a german producer.

txt taken from his myspace blog:
"Underworld announces Huntemann Remix"

I am honoured to be the remixer of the first single "Crocodile" from the new Underworld album "Oblivion with Bells", which will be released in Oktober on their own label "Underworldlive". The remix will be released soon on 12" Vinyl. So keep your ears and eyes open. You can listen to the first snippets of the vocal mix on the myspace site.

You can listen to it at his myspace site.

Sunshine dvd release dates

Over at Sunshinedna they've the release dates for the Sunshine dvd posted.

Aug 27th for the UK, see the rest of the list here.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Release info

Information of a Crocodile cdr promo:

The Radio Edit of this single is 3'50"
The LP Version of this single is 8'57"

Oblivion with bells will be released by Pias and Different recordings.


Simon Taylor of Tomato has updated his blog with more stories and screens of the video he's been shooting with underworld at lemonworld.

Crocodile stream

At the Pitchforkmedia site you can listen to a stream of the fortcoming single 'crocodile'.
There's also a picture we haven't seen before.

new music

There's a new bit of music at the underworldlive.com site. It's called 'phonestrap'. It's just Karl and a guitar... scroll down and click at the carrot (or root or whateffah it is..)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

2nd Dublin date

Underworld will play a second date in Dublin. October 5th at the Tripod.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Interview video

Spikee92 posted an interview that was on the 'tracks' program on Arte at youtube.

It's all in german.

crocodile clip talk

Simon Taylor of TOMATO posted on his blog that he went to talk to rick and karl about a video for Crocodile. Also a nice shot of the studio up there.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Again it was Pete Tong that had the honour to play a preview of the next underworld single.
During his friday (19:00-21:00) august 3th show he played Crocodile.

You can 'listen again' the show for one week. It was played 1 hour into the show. (at 02:00:00 on the counter of the BBC radio player)

Crocodile is the song with the 'all these things.............. in me' lyrics.

uwlive updates

There's a new bit of movie posted at underworldlive.com. It's about a parachute..... hmmms
Also links to an exhibition composed by John Warwicker of tomato.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

more dates?

www.nu.nl reports about a 2nd dutch gig but has the same date as for the HMH gig. I'm looking into it....
OK 2nd date in holland November 5th, Maassilo, Rotterdam.
nu.nl updated their info.

Picture of a ticket for the Electronic Beats Festival in Bratislava, send to me by Karel. Thnx.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


3 Dates are added to the tour. This time in Japan.
21-nov-07 zepp osaka japan

22-nov-07 zepp osaka japan

24-nov-07 makuhari tokyo japan

Information about the japanese releases is updated.

* New album 'Oblivion with Bells'
2007.10.3 Sale Japanese preceding sale (foreign country: 2007.10.15 sales)
Bonus track/truck recording
* Usually the board (only CD)
* Special edition (CD+DVD)

* First single 'Crocodile' (the Japanese individual plan board)
All the 4 tune recording schedules
2007.09.12 Sale (date moved)

Small sample of the artwork for Crocodile cdsingle here.

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