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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fash mixer for Darktrain

Matt over at http://darktrain.jp/ spend a lot of time programming a flash app in which you can remix Dark & Long in an 8 channel mixer.

Great stuff!

2 more audios

2 more tracks are added to the audio section of underworldlive.com

Swing up high (version 2)
ALAF version 4 or 5....

Brixton Academy

Tonight and tomorrow night Underworld plays at the Brixton Academy.
There's still tickets left for tonight, tomorrow is sold-out

dirty meet info

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yan send me a link for another mashup


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brighton setlist etc

Stimpee reported:

Underworld Brighton Festival 24/10/2008:

Push Upstairs (*)
Born Slippy
New Train (*)
Beautiful Burnout (*)
Pearls Girl (*)

Strumpet is a new song features Karl playing bass guitar and singing ("There is one bird in my house")
New version of Silver Boots (on the setlist it was Always Loved A Film or actually A.L.A.F.) with lyrics ("Hey boy... Can you feel it?"). Karl also played guitar on this track.
PU / Train / BB / PG didnt get played. This is probably because this was a "festival" gig and they were limited to finishing at 11pm. It was a 90 minute set starting at 9.30pm sharp.
Videos of Strumpet/ALAF might show up at the other place.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Next concert

friday 24th brighton city festival brighton uk click

Audio section at UWlive is open again

The audio archive section at underworldlive.com is open again. There's some treasures to download.

Also 2 tracks were added to the shop;

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Time for some updates, due to family business I didn't feel like it for a while.

UWlive has been updated, there is a diary archive now. You also will be able to buy the liveherenow recordings and preorder new ones. Also there will be mp3 downloads right after the Brixton Academy shows. And lossless versions later this year.
Karls dairy enteries evolved into short stories now.
The audio, art and video archive will be up soon. (about time too!)

Darktrain has a poll going to get unreleased tracks under the attention of K&R so they have to release them (well that's what we hope of course)

The Nov 7th Romania concert has been confirmed now by uwlive.com

(corrected ;)

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