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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yet another booty

Matt found another bootleg/white label remix of an Underworld song called: HACKER DJs - Cowgirl
You can hear it here

Pictures of 'The Dress'...

Some pictures of the Electraglide, Tokyo gig can be found here
last one is one of Karl in the dress during Jumbo :)
Thanks Tuesday girl

It's official!

It's official now, Karl posted on underworldlive that the next release will be 7th December 2005
Pizza for Eggs it's called.

Resident Advisor has some more info.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hmmm Gear pics.. we love them

More pics of the underworld wonder machines. Taken by somebody close to the band I think...

Thanks Floating Dave!
Dave added some old pics to his page, one of Karl with Debbie.. have a look there.

news #41

Hot news, found at teletext of Channel 4 page 351. Info is on page 10/11 (found by Dirty0900)

Underworld release 25 minute download only EP "Pizza For Eggs" on December 7 via underworldlive.com. A more ambient release than last months Lovely Broken Thing. It includes remixes by Pete Heller and Matinez.
Stimpee thinks....this'll be:

Ancient Phat Farm Coat
Food a Ready
Vanilla Monkey (Martinez Mix)
JAL to Tokyo (Paul Woolford Mix)
+maybe one other..
(as found at dirty.org/forum)

Other news: Live pictures of Electraglide will be in Japanese Loud magazine #133


Regular readers might know I love pictures of Underworld, I'm always searching the bitwaves for them.
Tomo, the chief editor of loud magazine, reminded me of the name of the photographer that made the promo pictures for Underworld. It's Perou, an amazing photographer that also shoots for Marilyn Manson (amongst lots of others)
See his gallery of Underworld pictures here, there is one of the boys working in the Abbey Road studio working on the next releases.
You can read in his diary what happened when he was shooting the Underworld concert at Electraglide Tokyo...

Monday, November 28, 2005

I Love Techno - The Classics 12"

Browsing my fav recordstore rare-records I found this:
artist: V/A
title: I Love Techno The Classics Volume 1 Of 5
label: News (Belgium)
cat id: 541416501471
release date: 24 Nov 2005
price: € 9,90
status: In Stock
format: 12"
style: Techno / Oldskool / Detroit

A1. Dave Angel / Airborne - Carl Craig Remix
B1. Underworld / Rez

Loud magazine plug

Because DJTOMO posted the link to my blog on his, another plug for Loud magazine.
This months isue (nov 2005 #131) has a picture of Underworld on it's cover.

There was also an Electraglide version of the mag. The cover of that one you can see below.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Found on the web #38

An interview with Karl in Metropolis magazine can be found here

thnx Jan @ dirtyboard

Osaka webcast

If you were able to tune in through underworldlive.com, you could have enjoyed the live stream with the monitormix right out of the mixingdesk onto the interweb. And there was also a very fast refreshing webcam pics page! I love how those things work over the web nowdays.
Thnx all involved for bringing this to us! :)
The gig was great with some new improvs and new tunes.
The boys hard at work during Moaner.
Quote of the century;
Karl - Adrenaline is my drug of choice, the kick-drum is my dealer

Click here to download a slideshow .exe of the pictures I grabbed (7mb, limited # of downloads and gone in 7 days)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Found on the web #37

While searching for pictures from the first Electraglide concert (Karl was in the dress for one song!!) I found this site.
If you look in the left grey collom you see this: Underworld - Born Slippy (Exclusive Tokyo Electraglide mix). Not featured on the compilation.
Hit it and enjoy!

news #40

Keep an eye on the Underworldlive.com site this coming day around 01:30 Osaka (Tokyo) time. That is 17:30 Amsterdam time.
The boys are going to try to stream some of tonights concert!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

news #39 new underworld releases on Itunes!

While searching for the Japanese LOUD magazine cos Underworld are on the cover of the new #131 isue (there is also a Electraglide pocket version of it), I read something about itunes in combination with JAL to Tokyo..

I didn't have Itunes yet but installed it and had a look at the Japanese store....
Looks like Underworld - JAL to Tokyo made it #3 in a download Top 10

Browsing the japanese itune store I saw there was a JAL to Tokyo single (5:46) but also this!

A JAL to Tokyo EP with a 2 second longer version (duh...) and 2 other songs and also the Paul Woolford Remix of JAL to Tokyo!!! There is different Artwork for both.
Ancient Phat Farm Coat we did hear already in one of the dirty lemon sessions.
Food a Ready is a ambient piece.
These don't show up in the dutch store, didn't check others.
Paul Woolford talks a little about remixing Underworld here (scroll down)
(screendumps of itunes.jp and itunes software)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BeNeLux tour reviews

I found some reviews in Dutch about the 013, Tilburg gig here and here

Monday, November 21, 2005

news #38

Yesterday, Underworldlive.com was updated with more live tracks in the members/archive section. Go get them while they're hot! :o)

Friday, November 18, 2005

news #37

There are a few new press/promo pictures of Underworld to be found at their myspace site.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dirty posts

I posted 2 reviews at dirty.org/forum about the Luxemburg and the I Love Techno gigs. I won't paste them here because they are a very big.


Super picture by Geo. Karl@ l'Atelier, Luxemburg

12-11-2005 I Love Techno review #2

I found some reviews of ILT in Belgium newspapers etc, all in dutch.

De Standaard
At I Love Techno also programmed live concerts. One of the biggest names on the bill was the live band Underworld, which already played at Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter. The hall in which the band played did fill up to maximum capacity fast and who was there in time didn't regret it. The live-set was great from beginning to end, and the well known songs like 'Born Slippy' made the crowd more then thankfull.

picture 2 is one of Karl. Click on 'video' to see a little report about ILT, the first bit is Underworld.

Het Volk
Underworld Absolute top.

A whole lot less energetic was it in the blue room, where dj Magda was playing. The Polish born but Detroit raised could only amaze in a lesser degree in a half filled hall. Lots of people probably then moved to the yellow room where the absolute top act of the night was setting up for their live set. And that Underworld, nowdays without Darren Emerson, still is the best live act in the genre, they proved with full conviction. Every spot in the hall was filled. Lucky we could also be in the Switch Video Room, a circular shaped hall in the middle of Flandres Expo where you could watch the Underworld concert at 9 large screens. Long Live techno(logy)!

4 phonecam videos to (mega)download in this forum, scroll down to find them.
And some pictures here, scroll down to find them.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

News #36

A few days ago I posted about the download project at the members section of Underworldlive.com.
There are a couple of reviews online here and here. (click on banner there)
Some new press/promo pictures come with them.
I really like this one, it has a 80's punky feel

12-11-2005 I Love Techno review

The Dutch OOR music magazine that had that crap review of the HMH gig earlier, posted an onlinereview of I Love Techno.

Meezingen is ook het devies bij UNDERWORLD. Iedereen die dance een warm hart toedraagt, heeft ooit een Underworld moment gehad. Voor de meesten is dit echter Born Slippy. Het nummer dat ooit werd uitgebracht als B-Kant, maar via de film Trainspotting de aandacht kreeg die het verdient. Het spelen van dit nummer brengt dan ook een enorme ontlading teweeg. Van de eerste rustige tonen tot het wegsterven van de laatste beat. Underworld weet de enorme hal die normaal gebruikt wordt als beursstand om te toveren tot feestpaleis.

Better review this time :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

11-11 l'Atelier Luxemburg review

I found a review in German about this wicked concert the boys did at l'Atelier in Luxemburg city.
Nice unearthy picture of the green laser there.

I have not enough time to translate it, but in basic the reviewer liked the gig although he/she came to see a band that uses drums and keyboards and guitars...
On another website I found some very dark pics of this concert.

013 Tilburg 11-11 review

There was a review of the 1st gig at the 013, Tilburg, Holland in the free Metro newspaper.
In dutch ofcourse.

A review by Lady Aida, a dutch DJ, at her weblog with some pictures.
And a review of the Tilburg department of the 3voor12 website .Also some pics there.
Both in dutch.

Dirty BeNeLux tour

I Came home from work a few hours back, had late shift.. Now I can finally update this blog with the latest news.

I got home at 5 am this morning from ILT in Gent belgium, the 4th gig of the mini tour Underworld did the past few days. It has been a great time, driving around the benelux, meeting all dirties and enjoying the shows. We've met loads of friendly people, helping us to get in the right directions etc, random strangers that did see our Tshirts or the banner or hear us talk about the gigs coming up to us and asking about dirty.org and underworld. And ofcourse other fans, man.. the fans. It's them making the show together with rick, darren and karl. I still get goosebumps (chickenskin/anttits (inside joke alert)) everytime BS.nuxx or KoS or Moaner or Rez kicks in and the few 100 to 5500 people started to cheer, clap, shout and wave their arms...
4 shows in 4 days.. 4 totally different shows, 11 hours of live music by our favorite band. That's how we like it! :o) I'll post tracklistings later when we have them all together, atm it's all a bit blurry. There'll be picture links too, I didn't have time to search for them yet.

In the mean time:
Underworld released their first now musical outing through Underworldlive.com. You can buy 'lovely broken thing', a 28 min mix of 7 new tracks, there with coverart and photo's made by Karl. Tracknames are: "jal to tokyo", "billy goat", "peggy sussed", "dub shepherd", "lenny penne", "monkey wink" and "witness".

Underworld will be recording the show they will be doing at Electraglide. This will be sold after the show there as a 3cd, only to the audience at the venue.

I won a promo picture of UW mk1 and a drinkstoken coin thing that was used during the gig at the HMH earlier this year at ebay.
*off* *sleep*

Friday, November 11, 2005

Report: 2005-11-10 013, Tilburg Second gig in the Mini EU tour

Just back from Tilburg.

Well.. 2nd gig at the same venue so I won't talk about that other then it's the best place to see underworld with a lot of fans. I forgot to mention the GREEN LASER in my report about the first gig I think? Well... it was there, going mental during KoS and Moaner, and it did again today.
I love it when it waves down over the crowd.

We did meet up with some 15 people at the bar Extase, had a great chat with people we did meet before the HMH gig earlier this year and 'old time' friends we speak more often. I had a great time, thanks for coming everybody. (as if they had a choice... everybody was holding tickets for everybody it seemed)

Same easy enterance as last night, although we had to line up for a few minutes before getting in.
We found a spot to stand really near to the gate that fitted the people we were with and to have a little space to dance/move. Lots of chatter with old time friends while Darren was showing of his DJ skills again.

They came on stage, rick and karl first, then darren. I have to tell that the stagehand was on stage a few times too, kicking gear back into right order.
This was a totally different show then the first night, started different and ended different too.
Tracklisting is all blurry again.. got to renew my RAM I think.
This time around, ofcourse Moaner and BS.nuxx/2003/nuxx with some more tweaks. Dark Train again \o/ Some of the new tracks, 2 very 'soft' parts in the show, what I think will be moviescores or ambiantish pieces for the web. Again they dropped samples of loads of other songs during the entire show, Karl sang the criminals fugitives sample live! We did hear TMO today.. and the encore, yes this time they did one, was Jumbo. By that time I was standing in the front and got a high five by Karl We got the Dirty.org banner on the projection screen this time.
So.. loads of new stuff and some crowdpleasers. Wicked concert.
2 down, 2 to go!

2 bad pics of my fuji cam: 1 and 2

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Report: 9-11-2005 013 Tilburg Holland EU show #1

013 Tilburg 9-11-2005

First one of the 2 concerts at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland.

The 013 is a rather new building, specially build for concerts by 'pop'bands. It's wider then it is deep and the floor is build stairswise so everybody is able to see the stage. There was one big screen at the back of the stage and there were 2 screens at the sides. They had 2 BIG projectors on the stage for the backscreen. The mixingdesk and the gearrigs were there too ofcourse.. Karls guitar was on stage too but never left it's stand There were I think 5 cameras pointed at the desk, one at the audience and then Karls mini camera with a long wire. The lightshow wasn't very big but it was enough to change moods, including 2 crowdblinders which were used during moaner.

When we entered the venue, our tickets were scanned and then we could go on inside to leave our jackets and bags at the cloackroom. No searching whatsoever..
We did meet up with a couple of people and went into the main hall. Darren Price was already spinning a great selection of tunes. While drinking softdrinks and heineken (no beer there..) we talked for a while, were asked details and info about underworld cos people standing around us thought we knew a lot about them, dunno why

Then the gang came on stage while there was a bass/drumloop gaining volume.
Rick bent down over the mixingdesk, adjusting the last settings, Darren had a look at the gear/puterrig and Karl waved to the audience as for a welcome.
The first tune kicked in, a new tune with medium beat which already got the crowd going. Lights went low and the lightshow lid up.......... to not stop for another 3 hours!
Because this was a rollercoaster of sound, I lost track of the exact tracklisting. They played ongoing mixes that lasted

30 minutes sometimes. Dropping in samples and bits all over the place during the whole show.
I remember Juanita, Push Upstairs, KoS very long version with a crazy going laser, BS.nuxx/2003/nuxx + HUGE applause afterwards, Moaner with a very long intro building and building and building into the darkest and strongest versions I ever did hear, Dark train and Rez. Somewhere in there... Shake T Higher, You do Scribble and lenny penn and I believe JAL to Tokyo were played too.

Inbetween songs Karl talked a little to the audience, telling that there was a track released today (nov 9th) and that that was the first of what we'll going to be seeing of them in the future, including the music for the movie. He thanked the crowd for showing up 3 times

After Rez it was all over, Karl came down to earth (only a little I bet) Darren and Rick walked to the front of the stage, waving to the crowd absorbing the cheering and the applause. Huges, pats on backs and heads... high 5's with the people at the front of the audience and off they went.

After that there was a little afterparty where I think Darren spinned some more nice tunes that kept the vibe going and included a TMO remix.

Amazing concert, great crowd and the best band in the world!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

just in #46

Just got home from the shops.

I've bought the Live 8 4 dvd set, mainly for the Pink Floyd on it. Also for the good cause ofcourse!
Strange how some concerts from the same venue differ much in soundquality on this dvd. I think some artists had their own producers to work on it.
Good that the Pink Floyd bit sounds absolutly super! :)

I also bought the newest de Nits cd called Les Nuits. Brilliant dutch band.

Also bought the OOR popencyclopedie2005 cdrom, all 14 books on one cd. Nice to have, although I have most books I don't have the earliest versions.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hot news #37

Karl was on Pete Tongs show just now for a little interview. They've 150 to 180 tracks to choose between.
First release will be.... *drumrole*
Monday through http://www.underworldlive.com
Lenny penne and JAL to Tokyo will be released there as downloads.

Tong also played those tracks

news #36

Point your computer to the Underwoldlive site and reg.
There's some very nice goodies to be downloaded there!
Finally some movement on the release front :o)

np: Globe - live in Sophia.

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