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Thursday, November 24, 2005

news #39 new underworld releases on Itunes!

While searching for the Japanese LOUD magazine cos Underworld are on the cover of the new #131 isue (there is also a Electraglide pocket version of it), I read something about itunes in combination with JAL to Tokyo..

I didn't have Itunes yet but installed it and had a look at the Japanese store....
Looks like Underworld - JAL to Tokyo made it #3 in a download Top 10

Browsing the japanese itune store I saw there was a JAL to Tokyo single (5:46) but also this!

A JAL to Tokyo EP with a 2 second longer version (duh...) and 2 other songs and also the Paul Woolford Remix of JAL to Tokyo!!! There is different Artwork for both.
Ancient Phat Farm Coat we did hear already in one of the dirty lemon sessions.
Food a Ready is a ambient piece.
These don't show up in the dutch store, didn't check others.
Paul Woolford talks a little about remixing Underworld here (scroll down)
(screendumps of itunes.jp and itunes software)

I'm the chief editor of LOUD magazine,Tokyo.Thank you for your link.I link your blog in my blog at http://loud.jp/blog/.
Hello Tomo,

Thanks for linking me at your blog. It's great you have Underworld on the frontcover of the magazine. Well.. this photo shouts 'cover' all over ofcourse.. you wouldn't put one like this it in the back :)
Although I can't read Japanese, I can see you're posting a lot about them and are a big fan, like I am. Have a look around at my blog, there's lots of little details I found on the web about them there.
Greetings from Holland,
Hello Harold,
The photo was taken by Perou,Marilyn Manson's favorite photographer.Karl was with him in Japan and in the end of Electraglide set,Perou was introduced by Karl!
Our mag has been the fan of Underworld since 94 when we started.Nice to see similar mind people on net!
Hello Tomo,

Perou is an amazing photographer yes, I love the promo pictures he did for the earlier albums. Somehow I never visited his website though. I did now ofcourse :)
I think Karl is great in that, crediting people who help(ped)them during their career and sticking with them for all these years, like Function One speakers company etc.
Will there be pictures of the concert(s) in next isues of your magazine?
Would you know by anychance a site in Englsih where I can order your magazine? I would love to have it for my collection.
Hi Harold,
Thank you for Perou's site info.I didn't know he's got his own site.
Great photographer,he is.
Some photos of electraglide will be in our 133issue.You can buy my mag at amazon.co.jp.Their site has English help although the search engine is not fully bi-lingual.Here is the link for issue 131.
Hello Tomo,

You're welcome, it's what my blog is for. Publishing links related to Underworld.
I'll have a try at that site to buy it.
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