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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

rob da bank

Rob da Bank had Karl in his show called 'rob da bank and friends' on monday between 2 and 4 am uk time. Interview and a couple of live tracks of one of the roundhouse concerts.



UWlive has been updated with a new audiotrack called Bboy & Bgirl version 1.

Monday, October 29, 2007

new wallpaper

There is a new wallpaper at the traffic/special site again.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


There's a load of pictures of Karl doing press in .jp at the bounce site.
You can see him create the art like on the Tower.jp Tshirt...

uwlive 2.0

The members section of Underworldlive.com has been re-opened as of today.
There is a epk video to watch about OwB, shot by Simon Taylor.

Karl on BBC Radio1

Karl was interviewed for BBC Radio 1. This was broadcasted during 'in new music we trust' on thursday's Pete Tong show.
There's a direct link to the interview.
You can listen back the show for one week.

Friday, October 26, 2007


2 different mashups with Underworld and a japanese group called Perfume.
TMO + some title with rythm in it...
Born slippy + Seventh Heaven

Out on vinyl is Murder is Bruce Lee.oom

two youtubes;


MTVasia had a long talk with Karl a couple of weeks back in which he tells many little details about the album.

'They're planning to release Internet-only material that didn't make the album, like "You Do Scribble," a title coined by Hyde's daughters, and "Bungalow With Stairs."'


Independent.ie has a great ' background' interview on their site.

' Hyde and Smith have also been exploiting fully the online possibilities of the internet through their hugely popular web radio shows, Dirty Radio ("We were really inspired by John Peel and what he taught us," says Hyde) and the ongoing development of their web TV shows through the full unlimited support of QuickTime (a mooted film-for-download of their Hollywood Bowl gig was dropped when the venue demanded $20,000 for the privilege. "We just watched it on YouTube instead!").'

GyaO tv

GyaO tv.jp had an Underworld special broadcast yesteraday.
They also have an Underworld website with info about the upcoming concerts and about OwB.

All in japanese of course.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dutch video review of OwB

De Volkskrant has a video with a review of OwB.

Seems that there first starts an ad which might be NSFW...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reviews, links

Review in the Observer/Guardian of the first Roundhouse concert.
Other Guardian review.
OwB review in Music Notes.
OwB review on Machine Gun Funk.
OwB at the daily cardinal.
Frankfurter Rundscha OwB review. (german)
All-in.de review of OwB. (german)

Creamfields 2008 with underworld? Just a rumour sofar...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Interview at 3voor12

Friends of Underworld, dutch radio's VPRO's 3voor12 have interviewed Karl and posted it in audio on their website. And also written it there in dutch.

Click the loudspeaker sign where it says 'interview met Karl Hyde van Underworld' that opens a popup mediaplayer.

They also have an album review up. (in dutch)s

Underworld at BBC Radio1 tonight?

This show just started at BBC Radio1

You can listen live and for 1 week after at this site.

Interview with Karl and a few tracks played of the London concert cds

New wallpaper on traffic site

There is a new wallpaper you can download at the traffic/special site.

crocodile on belgium album

Crocodile is on Switch 11, a compilation album published by studio brussel, a belgium radio station.

EU tour cancelled

Underworld Live - Europe, October/November 2007

It is with great regret that we have had to pull-out of the European leg of the current Underworld tour due to severe illness in the band.

More details will follow, but in the meantime, we appreciated your patience and understanding.
As stated on underworldlive.com 22-10-2007

Look at the site of they venue you had tickets for, what happens next.

Tickets for the dutch concerts will be good for the rescheduled concerts (in january/februari??)

Get well soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Went to rare-records in Eindhoven yesterday to buy the vinyl releases.
Crocodile Pt1. A. Album version B. Huntermann remix
Crocodile Pt2. A. Pete Heller remix B. (Ame) Innervisions remix
OwB double LP

Friday, October 19, 2007

important news from Underworld HQ

'Roundhouse, London, 19th October 2007 - Important Announcement

It is with great regret that we have had to postpone tonights' performance at Londons' Roundhouse due to severe illness within the band.

More details will follow as soon as possible, and in the meantime we appreciate your understanding and patience.'

As taken of http://www.underworldlive.com

Get well soon!

Underworld Socks!

Danielle wasn't kidding during the backstage webcast.

The model can be contacted at gaborez @ sockmodels.com thnx ;o)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

London II

everybody set for the 2nd one?
http://www.underworldlive.com for details.


This was a great one. Video stream was far better mixed then yesterday. Great setlist too.

Poem about Soho ("memories of dogboy")
Mmm, Skyscraper I love you
Improv (Javelin Boy according to aNt)
Pearl's Girl
Shake that higher
Beautiful Burnout
Glam Bucket into
Can you feel this Bass
Two Months Off
Born Slippy.NUXX
King of Snake
Jumbo (encore)

other hobbies

To show that I don't search underworld stuff all day long, I'll promote my other blog I started last week. It's in dutch cos it's about pictures which I take in a local patch of woods.


Northumbria University, Newcastle review

Manchester Apollo review.

Maneater wrote a review about OwB.

Popmatters isn't to keen on OwB either.

www.motor.de has an interview in german.

track by track review on The Museum of Lost Tales.

And a link to fan art that Yan did find somewhere.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Roundhouse 1

( Poem about forgetting jackets in Manchester )
Rez / Cowgirl
Lenny Penne Remix Improv into
Dark Train into
Shake that Higher
Beautiful Burnout
Push Upstairs
Improv / Small Conker and a twix (short)
You Do Scribble
Two Months Off
Shudder / King of Snake
Pearl'S Girl

thnx DaddyAdv

Pictures by matt
video by matt
pictures by jono


The Manchester setlist:
Poem by Karl
Push Upstairs
Shake that Higher
Beautiful Burnout
Two Months Off
Glam Bucket
Born Slippy NUXX
Lenne Penne (ish - jam)
King of Snake

thnx Jamiel


Tonight and the 2 following nights, Underworld will preform at the Roundhouse, camden, london.

All 3 nights will be broadcasted over the interwebs.

Go to http://www.underworldlive.com/live-on-air for details.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dutch interviews

2 interviews in dutch. One with a free newspaper called Spits!
And one with partyscene.nl

Karl likes free notebox that some hotels give away, but dosn't like the sound of mp3...

traffic site

The very informative traffic site updated today with it's special section. You can download wallpapers there.

Underworldlive shop

The shop at underworldlive.com has been opened

T's, badges, cds etc...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lola da Musica rerun

3voor12 will rerun their 1996 docu about underworld.
Click on 3voor12 central for the mediaplayer popup.

Starts at 21:00 amsterdam time.
So that's in 3 1/2 hours.

Dutch viewers can recieve 3voor12 if they have digital television.

They've listed a re-rerun at 21:00 oct 16th
Blijkbaar kun je 3voor12 central alleen kunt ontvangen met zogenaamde plus paketten...

live vids

Google video search for underworld live in glasgow.
This BS is rather good. And this Moaner too!





No vids found of the other gigs.

More reviews

Dutch liveXS
dutch KindaMuzik
german Welt Online.
german Campus-web.de

living.scotsman.com has a review of the glasgow concert.

Jafs wrote at darktrain/boards:
So let's go, here are some reviews/interviews:

Outsoon interview(Belgium):
http://www.outsoon.be/music_interviews.cfm?lang=fr (in french)

Tsugi review(France) (old team of dead magazine Trax, first issue):
http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/5...intsugiij0.jpg (in french)

Rif Raf Interview/review(Belgium):
http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/2...rifraf1lo2.jpg (page 1, french)

http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/7...rifraf2oo4.jpg (page 2, french)
Télémoustique Interview(Belgium):
http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/9...tmzoom1uo6.jpg (french)

thnx :)

Nothingham setlist

shudder/king of snake
beautiful burnout
? (bassline was like crystal by new order)
mo move
two months off
born slippy.nuxx
push upstairs
pearls girl

thnx thee carp dreamer


Times online has a review of the Southampton concert.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Queen of underworld remixers strikes again

Lady Aïda who did a 3 hour remix already in the past, again has made a 3 hour mix of underworld tracks. (no the old mix isn't at the 3voor12 site anymore) She also did an all underworld tracks afterparty mix at the 013 after a Underworld concert some years ago.

The first hour of the new mix is on 3voor12 already, 2nd part will be there tonight.
Part 2 is up too.

*warning, nothing wrong with your pc again, it's all in dutch*
will translate if needed but I've to work nightshift first..

Glasgow setlist


Dirty Epic
Beautiful Burnout
Push Upstairs
Unkown/Glam Bucket
Two Months Off
You Do Scribble
King of Snake

Thnx pw32 at darktrain/boards
And he uploaded pix of the live 2cd he bought 5 minutes after the gig there too.
layout is a bit f*/ed now, sorry click pic for larger version.

UW on frontpage of myspace

Underworld is because they're about to release a new album on the frontpage of myspace.com

(don't worry, nothing wrong with your puter, the language in that pic is dutch)

tonights show..

Rock City in Nottingham http://gigantic.com/gigantic/home_underworld.html

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Annie's song....

Annie Nightingale played during her Saterday show this:
Underworld – ‘Beautiful Burnout (Exclusive Annie Nightingale Mix)’ (CDR)
You can listen back the show for 1 week at the site.
It's at about 48 minutes into the show.

Northumbria Uni

-Dark Train
-Pearls Girl
-Beautiful Burnout
-Dub Shepherd/Glam Bucket? (Not sure)
-Two Months Off
-Born Slippy Nuxx/2003 Outro
-Shudder/King of Snake

Thnx dirty050505


click pic for info.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Underworld - Oblivion with Bells reviews

First, one at Entertainment Today.
The final word review.
Hyperrealandsupercool.com review.
Twistedear.com review.
Tohellwith.co.uk review.
Subba-Cultcha.com review.
New-noise.net review.
Manchestermusic.co.uk review.
BBC nottingham Music review.

Interview in Manchester Evening News.

German Welt Online has a piece about Underworld.

Campus.web.de has a review.

Tonights gig

Is at the northumbria university in newcastle, there are some tickets still.

First video is in! bit of Rez, sound gets distorted near the end.

OwB released

I just got my OwB from a recordstore here in town.
It's the 'limited edition' with Bonus DVD.
DIFB 1081 CDVD 451.1081.033
On different/PIAS labels

Although the released date is the 15th, it was in stores here in holland the 12th.

DHL deliveries in germany too.


Loads of links in my mailbox, I copy the interesting ones.

Interview on music-news.com
Talks a little about the 14hour gig/festival thing.

Crocodile made it to the A-list at 2XS radio.

Lenghty piece about UW and OwB

Brim live cd

Picture of the Birmingham Live 2CD as bought right after the gig. And a poster advertising the live cds. Thnx Lx_Nen


Underworldlive.com has been updated with the .mov of Phonestrap 6 vs Autotrader 4 that was played during the Southampton backstage 'radioshow'.

There are also new mastering pix

Thnx todd ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Roundhouse broadcasts

17th, 18th, 19th OCTOBER

Underworld Live from the Roundhouse, London,
in association with Apple/Quicktime,

On 17 - 19 October Underworld will play 3 sold-out shows at the legendary London venue, the Roundhouse. Following on from their groundbreaking Web-TV broadcast from Cocoon Club (Frankfurt, 2006), Underworld mark the release of their latest studio album "Oblivion with Bells" by teaming-up with Apple/QuickTime to broadcast (free-to-air) all three Roundhouse shows Live from their website (www.underworldlive.com).

Long-time Underworld collaborator Simon Taylor (tomato) will be directing the broadcasts from the Roundhouse with the help of members of the Roundhouse Studios. While the Roundhouse is perhaps best known as a music and performing arts venue, at its heart is the Roundhouse Studios, located beneath the Main Space, a creative space for young people with high quality equipment and facilities for young people to engage with artists, professionals and their peers in order to develop and realise their creative aspirations.

The broadcast will be live and available to all, for free at www.underworldlive.com (www.underworldlive.com/live-on-air) from 8pm (UK) on 17th, 18th, 19th October).

Barks site

All things underworld on barks.jp
Interview video with karl in japanese and english.


Vmusic.ch (a japanese tv station) will broadcast a Underworld special on october 13th. 15 Underworld clips and a selection that Karl choose.
They also have an interview with Karl on their site.
Google online translation.

Looks like Tomato is working on clips for boyboyboy and ringroad


Of the underworld myspace site. Click to get all the pre-order links.


Studio Brussel, a belgium radiostation has an interview up their site now.
Click on the bold words to hear the answers to:
1. what the album title means
2.Karl tells about changes in the 'musical landscape' and musicindustry. Underworld were one of the first in dancemusic to offer download EPs.
3.It has become a dark album?
4.What is the secret of Underworld, they are together for so long already and everything still seems fine.
5. Karl comments on some belgium remixes Justice - Phantom (Soulwax remix), Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance( (Glimmers remix) en The Cribs – Men’s needs( Goose remix).
I don't know how long this will be on that site, prolly only till next week.

Thnx Case (Kees) for the link.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

German press

German press is publishing interviews and (p)reviews of OwB now too.
Techno Guide.
20minuten.ch has an interview.

Oriconstyle interview

Oriconstyle.co.jp has an interview with karl up. There's a video too of Karl promoting the album and the .jp concerts. Sounds like there will be live cds to buy of the .jp concerts too.

Tonights gig

Next one in the 2007 tour is the UEA in Norwich.

Tower records japan

The towerrecords.co.jp site is 10 years old and is
celebrating that with underworld!
There's a special site here. Looks like they have a deal for @tower/underworld Tshirt.
Also a video can be played of Karl promoting Tower records.
The 10 year tower records logo is designed by underworld (Tomato?).

Please someone help me out with the translation. I think it says there that when you order for over 5000 yen, you can mail in your ordernumber to enter a draw. Prices are signed Tshirt(s) and signed Crocodile single(s).

They have 2 different wallpapers you can download in a couple of resolutions here.

And this is the Underworld site at towerrecords.co.jp
You can view a video of karl promoting OwB there.

Well, I think I should get a free Tshirt by now for promoting the site ;)

Crocodile on US Itunes

the Crocodile EP is available on USA iTunes.

They show tracklisting as:
1. Crocodile 6:32
2. Crocodile (Radio Edit) 3:55
3. Crocodile (Pete Heller Remix) 7:34
4. Crocodile (Oliver Huntemann Remix) 8:37
5. Crocodile (Innervisions Orchestra Remix) 10:27

Total price is US$4.99.
The Innervisions Orchestra Remix is available only as an album download.
-Jason at darktrain/boards

Same deal on UK Itunes (and dutch....)

Live CDs

Big news!
Last night, 5 minutes after the Birmingham gig, for GBP 15, one was able to buy a 2CD recording of the gig! I know they have been looking into this for a very very long time already and now it is happening :o)
It's numbered UWRLIVECD-002, Titled 'Underworld; Birmingham Academy. England 9.10.2007'

It's in conjunction with http://www.liveherenow.co.uk/
Which says there'll gonna be more cds!!

Tracklisting (will update later today)
1. tail end of dj set, a poem about birmingham, Dark Train (total 9:27)
2. Cowgirl/Rez (total 10:44)
3. ??? [has 'vision, come on' lyrics] (12:27)
4. ??? don't trip on it? into Crocodile (total 10:00)
5. Can you feel this bass into King of Snake (total 12:29)
6. ??? (I Really ought to recognise this, but it's late!) into Glam Bucket (total 11:01)
1. Two Months Off (9:51)
2. Kittens (11:20)
3. Beautiful Burnout (11.47)
4. Born Slippy.nuxx (11:30)
5. Pearls Girl (8:00... song finshes at 5:50, then crowd noise to encore)
6. Jumbo (9:13)

Thnx Lx_Nen

You can order the first concert on the live here now site for GBP15 + p&p

The list of concerts that they will record and release:
9th October > Academy > Birmingham
13th October > Academy > Glasgow
16th October > Apollo > Manchester
17th October > Roundhouse > London
18th October > Roundhouse > London
19th October > Roundhouse > London

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The Koreatimes writes about the first concert underworld is going to do there.


The full album Oblivion with Bells can be pre-viewed now at their myspace website.


Tue 09 Oct
plus special guests

Crocodile review

In the Manchester Evening News

Southampton setlist

The set list, barring small improvs, went (to the best of my memory) as

Pearl's Girl
Nu Train
Beautiful Burnout
Glam Bucket
Can You Feel This Bass
Two Months Off
Born Slippy
King Of Snake

Bang on two hours.
According to Rikkie at darktrain.org/boards

Monday, October 08, 2007

MTV interview

MTV has a very well written end interesting article up on their site. They've interviewed Karl and got some answers that we didn't read anywhere else.

Thnx maylilac for mailing the link.

5 kaarten bij radio rijnmond

For the dutch fans:

Radio Rijnmond's 'De toestand in de dans' van Ronald Molendijk geeft 5 kaarten weg voor het Maassilo concert op 5 november middels een prijsvraag. De show is elke donderdagavond tussen 9 en 11, je kan meedingen naar de kaarten t/m de laatste uitzending (1 nov) voor het concert. Click op de 'Ipod' for de show van vorige week.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Itunes No 1 in Top Album chart (overall)

Karl on french radio

Karl was interviewed on Alternatives on the french radiostation France Inter.
There's a listen back option there (re)ecouter, click on the headphone.
That should give you this stream. (not working yet)
Karl was on in the last 30 minutes of this 2 hour show.

UWlive update

Underworldlive.com has been updated with some new pictures of the gatefold 2LP images.
Phonestrap6/autotrader4 are announced to be played during the next broadcast.
A preview of the book of jam (I think) has been posted.
And Calon Lan has been given a picture of it's own now too.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Boy boy boy

HMV.co.jp has updated their listing of the 2nd single of the OwB album, boy boy boy.

Traffic TRCP-18
1 Boy, Boy, Boy (Album Version)
2 Boy, Boy, Boy (Remix)
3 Crocodile (Innervisions Orchestra mix)
4 Faxed Invitation (Jesse Rose mix)
5 Boy, Boy, Boy (Video)

Release date for .jp is Nov. 14th

thnx mark3 at darktrain/boards


Next up in the tour is Southampton, Guildhall.

Friday, October 05, 2007


You can listen to the new album at download.com
Thnx Brad who emailed me.

Interview with Karl and a preview of the upcoming Oblivion Ball in Tokio.

Setlist Dublin 1

Nu Train
Beautiful Burnout
King of Snake
Improv (?)
Glam Bucket
Can You Feel This Bass
Two Months Off
Born Slippy
Pearls Girl
Jumbo (Encore)
All came to about 2+ hours.

Provided by porn dog at darktrain.org

Video of KoS at googlevideo and other songs.. (heavy bass distortion as can be expected)

Pictures by lazy atom.

Review in the independent.ie

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Apple interview etc

The traffic site has been updated again with links to interviews and other media outings.
This has to be the best ever promotion site underworld has ever had. The V2 site was great to look at, but this beats everything in information.

The in store Apple interview.

Another interview here at mysound.jp

(all in japanese of course)

The show hits the road again

Underworld picks up their world tour and starts it in Dublin, Ireland.
October 4th Tripod, Dublin
October 5th Tripod, Dublin

OwB at itunes

OwB has hit Itunes.jp Of course this is the .jp only 12 track version, and you also can buy the Ame/innervisions Orchestra mix of Crocodile with it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Outlineonline.co.uk has a lengthy interview on their site.

Monday, October 01, 2007

2nd single?

HMV japan has boy,boy,boy listed as single.

Traffic site

The traffic site has 5 tracks of OwB as preview on their underworld site. The news page there in online translation is an instand joy for the engrish lovers so I'll spare you that.
Comes down to;
Album is out in a couple of days.
Eno influences
U2 member on drums in boy,boy,boy
They choose these 12 (.jp release) tunes out of the 200 they had on the shelf.

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