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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Queen of underworld remixers strikes again

Lady Aïda who did a 3 hour remix already in the past, again has made a 3 hour mix of underworld tracks. (no the old mix isn't at the 3voor12 site anymore) She also did an all underworld tracks afterparty mix at the 013 after a Underworld concert some years ago.

The first hour of the new mix is on 3voor12 already, 2nd part will be there tonight.
Part 2 is up too.

*warning, nothing wrong with your pc again, it's all in dutch*
will translate if needed but I've to work nightshift first..

I don't recognize all of the tracks in the mix. Are they all by Underworld? I'm pretty sure the one after Surfboy is an old song by Orbital.
(uw remixes I guess. oops.)
Good guess ;)
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