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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just in #47

A few days back I won a nice item at ebay again. The laminated program of the Temptation New Years Eve 1998 at London Alexandra Palace. Underworld played there and Darren Price did a warm up and after party set.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Martinez - Vanilla Monkey remix

There's an interview with Martinez on the DJ magazine website.
He made a special remix for DJ mag you can listen to (in .ra) here.
This is what he says about the Underworld remix he did:

2. Underworld – ‘Vanilla Monkey (Martinez Hungry Ghost mix)’ (JBO)
This is my remix of a track from Underworld’s new album, coming out sometime later in the year. This is deep and laidback, and works well at 5am in the morning.

It is re-edited for this remix so the 'real' remix will be different.

And yet another mash up...

You can find a mashup with Born Slippy (ofcourse... try to be original for once boys, please...) at this site way near the bottom: 02/06/06 Harpers Bizarre _ Underworld- Witch tai to born slippy.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

PG remix

A bit late but here it is...
In the January 2006 Pacific front sessions at Proton Radio AFK played his Pearl's Girl (AFK's craZy Edit) [CDR]. It's about 41 minutes into the mix you can download there in mp3.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Story behind the song..

There's a little interview with Karl about writing Born Slippy here.

Promo stuff

I recieved some beaucoup fish era promo material in the mail today. A postcard, a sticker and a 2 track cassette.
Underworld Sampler (1998):
Shudder/ King of Snake 6:01 Dave Clarke Remix
Push Upstairs 8:12 Roger Sanchez Blue Plastic People Mix

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Interview at Justofftheradar

the 10th I posted about the interview that Karl was going to have at a program called Justofftheradar at WUGA Athens, GA. I forgot about it till today cos I couldn't listen to it ofcourse while I live in Holland.
But it's archived now on the programs site here. Choose 'show 111' there. It's a 54 mb mp3.
The interview starts at 18:52 mins into it.
Thnx Karl for announcing it to us at uwlive ;)

New to me in this interview:
The original pieces that were mixed into the EPs were (much) longer then we do hear now. They were given to Steve Hall, he edit/mix them into the EP form.
They talk about dirtyradioshows and how the receptions of the EPs were by other radiostations (BBC)
Great news is that they're looking into offering playing live/DJ'ing kinda shows to radiostations around the world including videostream like the last lemonworld/dirtyradio show they did.
After they finish the filmscore, Rick and Karl will make another album with Gabriel Yared.
Karl reveals the 2006/2007 calander, atleast one more download EP possible more, phisical Album (early next year), not a lot of concerts this year, more live experiments (webcasts), the book with Warricker and a series of films, major touring in 2007.
Nice interview with lots of news.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New vids added at uwlive

There were 2 new videos added to the video archive at underworldlive.com
2MonthsOff-spaceshower (???) at Electraglide Tokyo 2005 and Dark and Long at Sophia 2005

The 2MontshOff video is a nicely edited multi cam one, looks like the boys (or the team) has been toying with the live video they captured during the last tour! :) Or was it edited live for the webcast that got stuck in the wire somewhere between tokyo and the rest of the world?

Friday, February 17, 2006

interview in FM

There is a interview with Karl and Rick in the march 2006 edition of Future Music US version.
You can read a part of the interview at their site here.
Thanks to noisegeek at dirty.

Monday, February 13, 2006

MK1 cassette

Today I got Underworld (MK1) - Underneat the radar on cassette in the mail I bought at ebay.
Thnx to the seller.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Interview with karl

An interview with Karl will be broadcasted on Just off the radar, on a radio station in Athens, GA.
It will be archived on their site afterwards.
Info copied from underworldlive.com

Jumbo white label remix

I found on a site a remix of Jumbo I didn't know yet. It's a white label mashup/remix by Dexter Punk. You can listen to a preview on that site in .ra if you click on 'PT 126) 767'

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

cool sites book

Today I got the Cool Sites book by Roger Walton in the mail. It's a book with the artwork/text screendumps of mircosites, art sites and art cdroms. There are a few pages with (tomato) Anti-rom the antidote cdrom in it. Thnx to the seller. Synopsis and some pages of the book here.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

barefoot news

I checked the barefoot site for the releasedate of their cd, it's set to feb. 20th now.
Browsing the rest of their site I saw that there is a small live video of them preforming Born Slippy now. Since it is a flashsite I can't link direct to it. Go here , click the questionmark, at the bottom go to 'video', then click the >>| button for the next video.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

happy birthday to euh... well, this blog

Today, one year ago I started this blog, collecting Underworld news, about me buying underworld stuff at ebay ,all other things underworld and what I buy/collect by other bands.
Some figures,
Counter installed on:2 februari 2005
Total pageviews till now: 6506
Busiest day till now: 4 december 2005 with pageviews 113
Average pageviews of 30 nowdays

Not super impressive numbers, but hey,atleast there are some people reading it. Thanks to all people who helped contributing news, pictures links etc. Thanks also all readers! Without them it really would be a useless blog. I would post here if there were non anyway but it's nice to know someone cares about the time it takes to put all this together.

Where are those readers located?
1. Japan 1524 23.4 %
2. Holland 1409 21.7 %
3. USA 1221 18.8 %
4. UK 580 8.9 %
5. Germany 378 5.8 %
You can see that UW is BIG in japan :)

thanks again for reading!

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