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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

happy birthday to euh... well, this blog

Today, one year ago I started this blog, collecting Underworld news, about me buying underworld stuff at ebay ,all other things underworld and what I buy/collect by other bands.
Some figures,
Counter installed on:2 februari 2005
Total pageviews till now: 6506
Busiest day till now: 4 december 2005 with pageviews 113
Average pageviews of 30 nowdays

Not super impressive numbers, but hey,atleast there are some people reading it. Thanks to all people who helped contributing news, pictures links etc. Thanks also all readers! Without them it really would be a useless blog. I would post here if there were non anyway but it's nice to know someone cares about the time it takes to put all this together.

Where are those readers located?
1. Japan 1524 23.4 %
2. Holland 1409 21.7 %
3. USA 1221 18.8 %
4. UK 580 8.9 %
5. Germany 378 5.8 %
You can see that UW is BIG in japan :)

thanks again for reading!

Happy First Blogger Birthday Lloyd
Keep On The Good Work
I Have Put Your URL In My Soulseek Map A Long Time Ago And Very Often I Get An Answer Back "This URL I Download From You Is Really Great..Who Is This Guy...His Site Is Better Then "Vies" There Are Not Many Die Hard Fans Who Have Made A Site Looking So Good And Up To Date As He Does"
And The Oscar For Best Fan Website Goes To.........Just Kidding
thanks ;)
congrats lloyd! You are by far the most obsessed spotter of UW news I know ;)
euh... thanks ;)
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