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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Underworldlive.com has been updated with a new tune, click on 'space' to listen to Calon lân.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Traffic news

The Traffic/underworld site has been updated with the news that Karl was in .jp last week and did a lot of promotion work.
Online translation of all media outings that are to expect.

Because with program below, you can view interview and up-to-date promotion video etc, in the pleasure!

Degree of october MUSIC ON! TV M-ON! Recommend decision!!
Degree of october VMC HEADLINER decision!!

October 4th (wood) Asahi National Broadcasting Co. “Future Tracks R” (Asahi National Broadcasting Co.)
October 4th (wood) Asahi National Broadcasting Co. “BEST HIT USA” October 2nd (fire) BS Asahi (BS Asahi/Asahi National Broadcasting Co.)
October 4th (wood) MTV “MTV COMP” 21 o'clock at the time of ~22 (the first broadcast) (MTV)
October 5th (gold) NHK “MUSIC JAPAN” 
October 6th (Saturday) MUSIC ON! TV “Artist File International: UNDERWORLD” 25 o'clock at the time of ~25 30 minutes (MUSIC ON! TV) www.m-on.jp
October 7th (day) MUSIC ON! TV “[yogaku] style” special edition (MUSIC ON! TV) www.m-on.jp
October 8th (month) “in FUJI TV [me] [za] [yu] -” (CX system)
October 11th (wood) NHK BS2 “digital stadium” (NHK BS2)

FM FUJI power play decision!
BAY FM power play decision!

September 28th (gold) J-WAVE “ocean easy kingdom” performance (J-WAVE)
September 28th (gold) October 5th (gold) INTER FM “POLITELY SATORU TANAKA presents [se] or” (INTER FM)
October 2nd (fire) INTER FM “SOUP UP RADIO” Underworld Special (INTER FM)
October 3rd (water) J-WAVE “Music +” performance (J-WAVE)
October 3rd (water) LOVE FM Underworld ONE DAY Special (LOVE FM)
October 6th (Saturday) TFM series “POPS BEST 10” performance (TFM 36 bureau net)

* Music special magazine
In the midst of LOUD October edition cover + interview sale
In the midst of FLOOR net November edition cover + interview sale
In the midst of HMV MUSIC MASTER October edition cover + interview distribution
In the midst of VIRGIN October edition cover + article distribution
Art Yard fall in the midst of number cover + interview distribution
Sound & Recording Mag magazine cover + special edition schedule October 15th sale
In the midst of SNOOZER October edition interview sale
In the midst of cross beat October edition interview sale
In the midst of MUSICA October edition interview sale
In the midst of VA October edition interview distribution
rockin' ON November edition interview October 1st sale

* General magazine
BOON September edition interview 
ELLE JAPON September edition interview
MAC POWER September edition interview
Announcement criticism October edition interview
HEART October edition interview
PHaT PHOTO October edition interview
VOGUE October edition interview
SMART October edition interview
NUMERO November edition interview
DAZED & CONFUSED November edition interview
Men's non-no November edition interview
weekly Pia Co., Ltd. October 4th sale number interview
GQ November edition interview 
anan November edition interview
Hanako November edition interview
HUGE November edition interview

In addition, exposure successively is in the midst of deciding!!!

Ring road in the wild

BLD on darktrain says that 5:54 into the starwars eps of Family Guy, Ring Road was used.

Mashup Youtube

A youtube video of a trip on a ride with as music under it a mash-up of Underworlds BS (sigh...) and IQ's Unsolid Ground, which works rather well.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Phonestrap remixes

Girlwithgadgets (junoXL5) made 2 remixes of phonestrap.
Phonestrap with beats and Phonestrap with bells. You can listen to them here.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Australian promo

On ebay. 1 Track promo

UK single

HMV uk has a listing for the Crocodile cd single for some time already with the following tracklisting:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ame remix in the wild

30 Minute Mix by Ben Watt

01 Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia / Mon Ange / Orig / Buzzin' Fly Album CDR
02 Swayzak / Smile and Receive / Apparat Mix / !K7
03 Underworld / Crocodile / Ame Remix / Underworldlive.com
04 Justin Martin / Nightowl / Manoo & Francois A Remix / Buzzin' Fly
05 Solomun / Samba / Orig / Dessous
06 Tracey Thorn / Grand Canyon / Ada Dub / Virgin

Starts at about 11:15


Pix of Karl during some other interview in japan last month

Vexille soundtrack commercial

Karl in an commercial for the Vexille soundtrack. He's about 1 minute into it.

Direct link to video, opens in full screen.


Groovin' High had an interview with karl earlier this month.
online translation.


Loud # 154 is out. 6 pages (perhaps less if there's ads) of Underworld in it this time.

Karl at J-wave radio

Karl was at the j-wave radiostation again, this time in the M+ program.

Karl at Apple store Shibuya

Taken by ryojin_s

Taken from this blog: http://aveweb.txt-nifty.com/kimagure2/2007/09/from_underworld_d4c1.html

28 more pictures at flickr by komitaku

Autotrader 3

Underworldlive.com has been updated with version 3 of Autotrader, this one has music added to it !!!

And some of the pictures have chanced too.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Mixmag has in their October issue 4 pages about Underworld, including a picture of when they where Freur.

thnx Crazysugarboy at darktrain/board

Karl at Tokio Hot 100 chart show.

Karl was guest at the 2007 09 22 Tokio Hot 100 radio show.
A small photo gallery is placed here.
Crocodile made it No. 21 this week.

Ame remix promo

On ebay there's now a cd promo with the Ame (re)mix.
Pic stolen of ebay.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crocodile in the wild II

Played by Oliver Huntemann during the Paris Techno Parade 2007.

And played at Bora Bora, Ibiza, where it get's mixed into that 2007 version of BS.

UK presale / Alligator video / Pix

If you live in the UK then you can also pre-order the album and have it in the post on the release date (oct 15th) For details see underworldlive.com

Contents at the UWlive page have be shuffled and the Alligator version of the clip is now on the front page too.
The 'normal' clip is linked at the http://www.apple.com/quicktime/guide/
It also appears in the Hot Picks guide that appears by default when you launch QuickTime Player.
Says TheBang

The Mastering pictures have a number of new ones added, more gear pix so I guess these are Ricks.

Friday, September 21, 2007

MTV japan

MTV Japan has something called MTV paper, a music news mag, underworld is in the October 2007 Vol73.
Pictures of Karl being interviewed by MTV are at the newsblog.

Karl tells about taking 400 pictures per day of which some end up at underworldlive.com and he adds words. Sends pictures to John Warwicker each day to make (part of) the art jam.

Then there's bits that get lost in online translation...

Tokio hot 100

Karl will be in Japan this sunday to be a guest at 81.3 FM J-Wave during the Tokio Hot 100.
This chart is being broadcasted between 13:00 and 16:54 Tokio time.
Info taken from the traffic site, they have a new Perou picture up again too.

Exclusive Crocodile video

The Exclusive for Underworldlive.com Alligator versions of the Crocodile video is up now.

Japanese promo

Pix of a 1 track promo of Crocodile. Click for bigger pix.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

NY review

A song by song review of the NY concert, incl links to you tubes, can be read here at channel six weblog.

UWlive update

On underworldlive.com there are a number of updates. New photos and artwork and a new audiofile, Autotrader2. It's the text of the Cocoon intro.

Announcement is also made for an 'exclusive version' of the crocodile video.

Pete tong podcast

Pete Tong played a very small bit of (a 2nd?) video clip of Crocodile during his 2007-09-13 podcast you can find at youtube here. Pete Tong intro to croc starts at about 2:01, song at 2:19.

Thnx Luminary at darktrain/board.


Loud issue #154 (october 2007) will be in the shops soon and has Underworld on it's cover. There will be an interview and lots of pictures by Perou in there as has been in the past I presume.
(The loud.jp isn't updated to the october issue yet).

In the october issue there will be an interview with Rick! (it says here)
For #153 (september 2007) they had an interview with Karl.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another signing session?

The online translators I use hickup on the news today at the traffic site but..
On September 24th Karl will be at the Apple store in Shibuya between 1 and 2 local time.
See calendar and the right bar under special events.
Please if you can read japanese help me translate it corectly.
The rest of us can look at the new Perou picture there :)

Crocodile sales doing real well at Itunes

Today, sept. 16th, Crocodile still tops the dance top song and top album chart. But.. in the overall charts, crocodile is #29 in the top song chart and the single (as one download) is #6 in the overall top album chart.

Traffic site

The Traffic site has been update with the Crocodile video in the Music&Videos section.
Also there are screendumps of the DVD in the Newreleases part.


Ijamming has always supported UW and thus their review gets a solo post.
They visited the NY central park concert.

I update older topics with new reviews and links to keep it a bit organized, so you might want to scroll back if you only read the top postings each visit.

New interview with more info

Terrorbird has an interview up which tells us a bit more then other ones.
Larren Mullen of U2 played marimba on Boy Boy Boy...

This seems to be the press BIO pdf

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UK single

Amazon uk now has listed the Crocodile single.
They have (for now) the tracklisting as:
1. Crocodile 2. Crocodile 3. Peach Tree 4. Crocodile 5. Crocodile 6. Crocodile

We think it'll be:
1. Crocodile (Single Edit)
2. Crocodile (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
3. Peach Tree
4. Crocodile (Pete Heller Remix)
5. Crocodile (Oliver Huntemann Dub)
6. Crocodile (Ame Innervissions Remix)

Peach Tree of course was on the 3th River Run release ( UWR0600013 - 192kbp for the purists) , I'm a Big Sister....
Thnx all at the dirty boards.

Concert vids update

Pulsetrain did visit all the US concerts and made videos there.
Special attention for this one, Bamboo/five ft five.
Pictures and a full review of his travel will be here.

Well, there's tons of video on google video/youtube, so help yourself. Google video search will give you more results then youtubes own search.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Interview with Interfm radiostation in japan. In japanese of course.

Online translation here.

A second interview here on www.artyard.jp, also in japanese.

Translation by google here.

Crocodile 12"s

More info about what's on the fortcoming 12" versions of Crocodile.
on the Different label:

A. Album version
B. Hunteman Remix

A. Peter Heller remix
B. Ame/Innervisions remix
(new remix to me!)

UK version: Uwr00016
A. Peter Heller remix
B. Hunteman Remix

Download versions in mp3 are showing up in online stores.
The Crocodile Ame/Innervisions remix is then 10mins 27secs

While searching for the rumoured Ame remix, I also saw OwB as double LP in online stores :o)

Japanese crocodile

Boston setlist, review,pix,vids

Setlist was:
Mmm... Skyscraper, I Love You
Beautiful Burnout
Pearl's Girl
Bamboo (with Lenny Penne lyrics) 5foot5
Glam Bucket
Can U Feel This Bass?
Two Months Off
Mo Move
Born Slippy .NUXX (with 2003 ending as intro)
King of Snake
picture of the setlist.
Thnx todd and dustin

Pix by dver_242 (perhaps a fellow front242 fan? :)

A review on boston.com (popup warning)
Bostonist has written one too.
The Phoenix published their review here, and a photo slideshow here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Signing session at tower records

Taken of the traffic website:
- Place: Tower record Shinjuku store 7F event space
- Day and time: 2007 September 24th (month holiday) 16: 00~
- Contents: Talk & sign meeting
- Admission method: At the tower record Shinjuku store/the Shibuya store up-to-date single 'we distribute the visiting Japan performance ticket of UNDERWORLD of September 11th (Tuesday) shop front sale/crocodile' and UNDERWORLD to the customer who is purchased simultaneously in each store first-come 30 name <>.
* Furthermore, the day comes and ends only the cirque hydro person the *< preferential
admission ticket/the sign meeting participation ticket which becomes the store > as soon as to be gone,

Onlinetranslation might be full of errors.

next up

Tonight the lads will rock the Boston Bank of America pavilion


Crocodile remix

DJ Sasha used Crocodile in a mix he called 'thank you mix'
You can download it from his website here.
Crocodile start about 3:30 minutes in.

Thnx biz for the link.

NY setlist etc

Dark Train
"HMH Untitled-2" improv
Pearl's Girl
Beautiful Burnout
Two Months Off
Rowla (!)
5 Foot 5
Glam Bucket
Small Conker and a Twix
Born Slippy .NUXX
King of Snake

Darktrain vid by loaded tower
Pix by KingofSnake
Pictures from real close up, by kainproductions
Glam Bucket vid by stimpee

Pix by The359

Review at spinner.com
Close by pix by Redboy

Review and pictures at Music Snobbery

MTV hosts a blog by Kara Manning, a big fan if you ask me. Link mailed to me by Maylilac, thnx

Friday, September 14, 2007

New York, Central Park, Underworld live concert.

The only 2 things on earth you need tonight!

Interview Boston Herald

The Boston Herald has an interview with Karl about the album and the Boston concert.

crocodile 12"

HMV.jp has 2 Crocodile 12"s listed. No tracklistings sofar.
UWR000194 and UWR000194A
Release date is october 8th (in japan)
Artwork for 1 of them is at uwlive

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Next up in the 2007 tour



DJmag has Underworld on the cover and an interview and bio inside over 5 pages.

Thnx matt for the info.

Crocodile Itunes

The crocodile single is on sale at the japanese Itunes store.
And the radio edit is No.1 already in the electronic top tunes. The peter heller remix at No.6 when I looked. And the crocodile single made No1 in Top Albums too...
(click pictures for larger versions)

Denver vids pix reviews

3 videos of the denver fillmore concert can be found here at google video.

Picture of the video mixing setup at the denver concert, picture by b0.

Jarom&Melissa blog review with vids and pix.

More youtubes of the Fillmore gig by idoru44

More vids, this time by ghjunior

Alice in the underworld

A very special youtube with use of underworlds music this time. An adaptation of the Alice in wonderland, a stills video made for a university assignment by staticsidhe.
Music is Bigmouth.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OwB review, kind of...

With the do not review until oct. rule still in order, brooklynvegan has a vague review of OwB on their site. They will have an interview with Karl on their site next week.

Pix of T's and booklet

Not very good pix yet, but this have to do till I get better pictures.
I believe the pink one is the Ladies T and the blue one the Gents one.

The Biro T's are selfmade, so not official shirts!

Special offer for US fans

You can pre-order Oblivion with Bells + bonus dvd + limited edition Tshirt + the album in mp3 download + the crocodile single mp3 download here. Great deal for U$25 if you ask me.

This is for US residents only, people at darktrain/boards tried to order from canada but it dosn't work

Win Tickets for Rotterdam gig

DJbroadcast holds a give away for 2 tickets for the nov 5th Rotterdam, Holland concert.

Zero Music vid


Phonestrap 5 is up at underworldlive.com

Denver Fillmore

Denver Fillmore 11-9-2007 reviews and pictures.
Sadly it wasn't at the Red Rocks venue.

Wow, really cool show. Yeah Karl said we'd all (at the fillmore) be getting a free copy of OwB due to the fiasco of moving the show from Red Rocks.

Not exactly sure of the exact setlist, but basically this was it:

Dirty Epic
improv + Crocodile
improv + Dark Train
Beautiful Burnout + five ft five
New song? (Karl on guitar) (Glam Bucket I presume)
Two Months Off (with Darren's Can you feel this bass intro) (anony mouse says there was also "Drink My Honey" by Lords of Acid mixed in there)
Born slippy
King of Snake
Pearls Girl

Encore: Jumbo
Song by song pictures again here at uwlive.groups.vox.com
And also more here at dustin's site + twitter stream
Pictures by energetik.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tokio Hot 100

Crocodile is at #19 in this weeks Tokio Hot 100 Chart.


Traffic site is updated again.
Official launch of Crocodile.
The flashmovie isn't working yet, the mp3 is.

H Bowl review

LA Weekly blogs has a review up of the Hollywood Bowl gig of the 9th.
Read it here.

'It appears that, twenty years on, Underworld is still one of the most relevant electronic acts to grace the stage'

Popbytes review incl some pictures.

Museum of the lost tales has a review up too.

Los Angeles Citybeat

OwB bouns dvd

at bol.com you can pre-order Oblivion with Bells + Bonus dvd and has the tracklisting for the dvd:

Disc 2
1. Crocodile (DVD)
2. Underworld Live In Tokyo (DVD)
3. Metal Friend (DVD)
4. Oblivion With Bells (Abbey Road Recording Session) (DVD)
5. Good Morning Cockerel (DVD)
6. Rez Live Show Visuals (DVD)
7. The Book Of Jam, Art Jam (DVD)

Thnx whyshooteye for mailing the info

Monday, September 10, 2007

Next gig september 11th, Denver

Well, you all will know about the Red Rocks show by now. It isn't going to happen there. Very sad but true.
Show has moved to the Denver Fillmore Auditorium.


KCRW 89.9 FM was media partner for the Hollywood Bowl concert last sunday.
They did an interview with Karl it says at that link, and it should be in this broadcast, I think...
I skipped through it and can find an ad for the H Bowl gig at 2:41 and dirty epic being played at 2:56 but not the interview yet.

Hollywood Bowl

(the best f*cking version of) juatnita (i've ever heard)
beautiful burnout (AMAZING!)
new track/improv/might be glam bucket??? (whatever it was there was lots of guitar and was also allcaps AMAZING)
two months off
improv(?really fast clicky thing)
mo move (with a wicked wicked drum breakdown in the middle)
small conker and a twix (i think)
king of snake
encore: jumbo
(Setlist by Darktrain)

Pictures by Scott
Pix by DC_04 of http://www.dustincamilleri.com/
Video by aaron5000
Some pix from the front by hapahaole
Another dia-show, by Heather this time.
More pix from the front of the stage here (lot of private pix too)
Thnx everyone.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

More SF pix + review

Pictures of the concert on the 8th made with a Iphone made by zacman85

And vids here http://www.dustincamilleri.com/

More pictures, by dirty tomato this time here and here
and her pre- and review.

Even more vids at youtube, by meyemind


Bob over at Chaos Control Digizine mailed me to let me know he had an interview with Karl over the phone and published it on their website.



First a remix of Born Slippy (not again?? yes again) with a winamp plugin vid by A&G.

Fan made video for Dirty Epic (good to see some creative choice in music ;) as a class project.

Aaaand another BS remix...

a Super Bock Super Rock Festival overview with a little bit of Underworld at 1:35. Only images, no sound of UW. Just for die hard fans I guess ;)

BS with nice art

SF II setlist

Totally different setlist tonight at the second concert in San Francisco:
Improv- Crocodile
Mo Move
Improv - beautiful Burnout
Acapella Cowgirl
Glam Bucket
Five foot Five-TMO
Nuxx 2003 (+ lead in improv I guess)

Is that you, is that really karl? euh yeah.
Setlist and pix by Biro the Leggy of uwlive.groups.vox.com Thanks again.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Red Rocks concert moved !!!

Live Nation just announced that UNDERWORLD, originally scheduled to perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Tuesday September 11, will perform at the Fillmore Auditorium. Paul Oakenfold will open the show. Showtime is 7:30 PM. Doors open at 6:00 PM.

3th tour date

Tonight of course they play the Warfield again, but the day after it's The Hollywood Bowl.

tix and pressrelease

Looks like a very interesting venue they can fill with their unique sound.


Hippies Are Dead blog has a review with nice pictures of last nights show.

More of his pictures can be found here.

40 second video clips of last night can be found at youtube, made by anishbhasin

Lots of pictures by George Chen

Japanese tv

I don't know what will happen, but either underworld or their new clip of crocodile will be on japanese telly september 11th at 22:54 local time on NTV in News Zero says the traffic site.

Correct me (again) please if my online translators make a mess of things.

Found this site and had it translated with an online app into this:
On September 12th single "Crocodile", and long-awaited new album ' Oblivion with Bells ' you refrain from release on October 3rd, the techno monarch andthe underworld. The cirque hydro which is that center (the vocal and guitar charge), reporting program of the Japanese television type which 22 this day September 11th:54 is broadcast from <> performing urgently it was understood. Inside program that monopoly interview is done, talk theme November visiting Japan performance, furthermore when the design company where they have related <> to the fact that regarding it becomes colorful contents is from the new album. The fan regardless, not to overlook! In addition, because performing to the same program to also October where the album becomes release is planned, that one in the pleasure.

Have great time with the puzzle ;)


Picture: underworld during their first SF concert
Dirty epic
King of snake
Born slippy

Picture and setlist by Brotherlovesdub of darktrain/board

More pictures at the uwlive vox group, also pix of the merchandise stand! There's new tshirts!
And a tourbook. (tourbook on the left in this picture

live updates

Remember to go here http://www.dustincamilleri.com/ and here http://uwlive.groups.vox.com/ to get live updates during the concerts.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Underworldlive updates

Today we get a audiogram from SF, San Francisco walk.
And also another, the 4th, version of Phonestrap.

New bootleg remix

Cowgirl this time...
It's called Underworld - cowgirl (Tim Davison mix)
You can listen to it in this mix DJ Pena did last month.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

flashmovie add

This site hosts a flashmovie advertising the 24-11-2007 concert.

LA Times interview

There's an interview with Karl and a pre-view of the album and coming US concerts in the LA Times today.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

US tour

The US part of the 2007 tour takes off sept 7th at the Warfield, San Fransico. They also play there the day after, sept 8th.

Updated with better banner.


Crocodile will be released as ringtones on this site on september 9th

Looks like I didn't understand it. Thanks to Chino.


Underwordlive.com has been updated with the video Simon Taylor of Tomato shot for their new single, Crocodile.
Also there's a piece of audio called 'Romford Walk'.

And then there are what I think are the front and back sleeve for the 12" of crocodile.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

cowgirl re-edit

Annie Nightingale played besides Crocodile, the Chris Cargo re-edit of Cowgirl.
You can listen back the show for 1 week at her bbc site. It's about 55 minutes into the show.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Biro for Leggo??

During the sept 2nd Essential Mix, this was played: 19] Underworld 'Biro For Legge [Mark Knight Remix]' (Underworld) at the end.
You can listen it back for one week there with 'Listen to the mix' or find it at your fav download site.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Heal me

Pete Tong played the track underworld supplied for the Sunshine movie during his aug. 31st show.
It's listed as: Sunset Underworld 'Heal Me' (Underworldlive.com)
You can listen back the show for 1 week at his site.

Thnx JoseM for the info.

uwlive Vox group

Fans created a 'Vox group' with the intention that it will be updated during and after the concerts of this tour. So expect pictures and videos and setlists there..

This blog by DC_04 of darktrain.org will also be updated during (after) the US concerts.

And of course I'll post what I can find

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