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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boston setlist, review,pix,vids

Setlist was:
Mmm... Skyscraper, I Love You
Beautiful Burnout
Pearl's Girl
Bamboo (with Lenny Penne lyrics) 5foot5
Glam Bucket
Can U Feel This Bass?
Two Months Off
Mo Move
Born Slippy .NUXX (with 2003 ending as intro)
King of Snake
picture of the setlist.
Thnx todd and dustin

Pix by dver_242 (perhaps a fellow front242 fan? :)

A review on boston.com (popup warning)
Bostonist has written one too.
The Phoenix published their review here, and a photo slideshow here.

I t was my first time seeing them tonight. What a show!
congrats :)
By what I hear of other fans, these were great concerts.
I can only echo the Boston.com review--awful, awful venue for a techno show. They only sold 300 (!) GA tickets for the dance pit. The site crew physically prevented anyone else from entering the area, so we were stuck on the fringe, attempting to dance astride folding chairs. Underworld did great under the circumstances. This show absolutely should have been at the Avalon club instead, or some place without fixed seating considerations.
That is a pity. Here in europa where I've seen them in a couple of venues now already, we hardly ever have seated concerts. And if, then it's in real theaters and a 'semi-acoustic concert' or something like that. Or real big stadium concerts, but I don't think Underworld would fill, even here in holland, one of those.
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