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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Live CDs

Big news!
Last night, 5 minutes after the Birmingham gig, for GBP 15, one was able to buy a 2CD recording of the gig! I know they have been looking into this for a very very long time already and now it is happening :o)
It's numbered UWRLIVECD-002, Titled 'Underworld; Birmingham Academy. England 9.10.2007'

It's in conjunction with http://www.liveherenow.co.uk/
Which says there'll gonna be more cds!!

Tracklisting (will update later today)
1. tail end of dj set, a poem about birmingham, Dark Train (total 9:27)
2. Cowgirl/Rez (total 10:44)
3. ??? [has 'vision, come on' lyrics] (12:27)
4. ??? don't trip on it? into Crocodile (total 10:00)
5. Can you feel this bass into King of Snake (total 12:29)
6. ??? (I Really ought to recognise this, but it's late!) into Glam Bucket (total 11:01)
1. Two Months Off (9:51)
2. Kittens (11:20)
3. Beautiful Burnout (11.47)
4. Born Slippy.nuxx (11:30)
5. Pearls Girl (8:00... song finshes at 5:50, then crowd noise to encore)
6. Jumbo (9:13)

Thnx Lx_Nen

You can order the first concert on the live here now site for GBP15 + p&p

The list of concerts that they will record and release:
9th October > Academy > Birmingham
13th October > Academy > Glasgow
16th October > Apollo > Manchester
17th October > Roundhouse > London
18th October > Roundhouse > London
19th October > Roundhouse > London

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