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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tower records japan

The towerrecords.co.jp site is 10 years old and is
celebrating that with underworld!
There's a special site here. Looks like they have a deal for @tower/underworld Tshirt.
Also a video can be played of Karl promoting Tower records.
The 10 year tower records logo is designed by underworld (Tomato?).

Please someone help me out with the translation. I think it says there that when you order for over 5000 yen, you can mail in your ordernumber to enter a draw. Prices are signed Tshirt(s) and signed Crocodile single(s).

They have 2 different wallpapers you can download in a couple of resolutions here.

And this is the Underworld site at towerrecords.co.jp
You can view a video of karl promoting OwB there.

Well, I think I should get a free Tshirt by now for promoting the site ;)

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