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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's official!

It's official now, Karl posted on underworldlive that the next release will be 7th December 2005
Pizza for Eggs it's called.

Resident Advisor has some more info.

Karl says it will be 'dubby'.He also says the last one is 'electro-ish'.
Aha :)
Could be the track that they do live then with Darren Price singing. And a electro-ish one.. that is interesting!
They're going trough all their musical influences this time with their new tracks. Great!
Thanks for the info.
Sorry,my English seems to be taken wrongly.Karl says 'lovely broken thing' is 'electro-ish' and 'pizza for eggs' will be 'dubby'.Each download release has a theme.1 more release after 'pizza' is already planned and if the reaction is good,they will continue.Karl also says Underworld will be back to proper record company releases in the future but they would like to experiment for a couple of years.
ah oke, I indeed thought you ment songs within the next release. Sorry I misread that. Just something for them yes to make it themed.
Yeah, in a couple of interviews Karl talked about how he loved to browse recordshops and by that they'll also do 'traditional' releases.
Thanks again for the information. :)
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