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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Webcast is still going on. The radio 3fm/3voor12 bit has ended already.
Karl had some news to tell us, Geo sums it up for us.
Originally Posted by Geo
So, there will be live shows during this year!
Plus a new riverrun on June 5th!
Plus 12" releases from their own label during the summer!
Plus a Physical album!
Plus another soundtrack!
Crazysugarboy added:
...and, did I hear karl right, tracks from the broadcast on the archive??
Cured had this to add:
bits on the archive is one thing...but I imagine someone has the whole shebang.
So I buy the next release of riverrun and (since I bought the previous two) I get another mix for free? Har har!

Last nights tracklist can be found at http://www.dirty.org/underworld/news

It's over now, here's the last pic of the webcam.

Thanks Underworld! :D
Hey Underworld no hard feelings but next time put the lemoncam on Danielle i get tired to see the same old heads each time :-)
I more like to see her dance 2 hours long ;-)
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