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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

new toy

With the upcoming tour and dirty.org meetings, I had to have a new mobilephone. My old one was a siemens C55 which even didn't have a colo(u)r screen. My new one is the Sony-Ericsson K800i.
It not only has a colo(u)r screen but also is an 3.2 meg cybershot picturemakingmachine, loads of whistles and bells you never dreamed of to have in a mobile phone etc... And you can use it as phone too, great.
First thing I did when I got the software running on my pc was uploading my own background to it. Yep, the Cocoon gig poster :o)


Héhé nice gun :D

Do you know which phone/camera uses Karl to makes his photos (diaries)?

Keep on writing,your blog is a Goldmine ;)

I think he used the sony ericsson p800i at one time. Not sure tho.
Ok thx :)

I would like to buy a new one too ^^.Are you satisfied by the k800i?How is the camera?

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