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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lemonworld Webcast!!!

Tonight, December 15th, there will be another lemonworld webcast! :o)

big banner link

"R&K will do a broadcast from lemonworld tomorrow at 6PM GMT (that's Thursday 15th to be precise during the year of 2005) linking of the front page on underworldlive.com linking to your wires to you, send ? and ! we recommend a nice dose of * to fall upon you mad ones select the roof, the outdoor pool, bless the weather, climb the rain stair."

worldclock website
Amsterdam 19:00 New York 12:00 San Fransisco 10:00 Tokyo (thursday 16th) 03:00 Melbourne (thursday 16th) 05:00

Pic from underworldlive.com info from dirty/forum

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