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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

statement by promotor

There's now also a statement by the promotor, Detox, at their myspace website.
Since it's a jpeg, I can't use my online translators to try to translate it.
So.. if somebody would kindly give it a go, please put it in the comments.

Press Release in Greek (as jpg)

Same Press release as PDF:

The part about Underworld says that the singer Rick Smith's ear was hurt by a brick thrown through the glass window of the backstage area. He was rushed to Tzanio hospital where he was treated for the night. Madness band members were also chased around the backstage area but managed to escape and were taken away safely.

Beastie's last song for the concert, you can hear Mike saying "We gotta make movement" near the end, when the cars' smoke columns are visible from the stage.

concert has stopped and people are goofing off:

burning cars:

the end:
Thanks for the translation.
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