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Friday, July 01, 2005

News #25

There is an interview (in dutch) with Liesbeth Esselink aka Solex on the 3voor12 site. The journalist is the same who did interview Karl last week. Karl told him he thought Solex is the female Captain Beefheart. Now they ask her what she thinks of that.
'I'm very honord by that, Beefheart is a hero. But I think I can't compare to him'.
Then he asks what she thinks about Underworld playing songs by her during their webcasts.
'It's great that they listen to a lot of different music styles, a lot of bands just listen to whats in their collection already. And they are constantly searching for new things. That is great.'

Bit further in the interview..
She is producing a new album and thinks about having someone else sing.
Currently she's looking for a singer.
The journalist is suggesting: 'Karl Hyde?' Solex:'Yes, yeah.. that is ofcourse an option (laughs) please give me his emailaddress'

Thnx 3voor12!

He Kwiebusch
Ik kwam via via op je site terecht en ik heb iets voor je
"4 Nieuwe Underworld Tracks" namelijk Biro The Leggy,Choppo,
Lonely Bollock & Softly Softly
(TT & Ancient Fat Farm Coat krijg ik niet gedownload)
Als je iets te ruilen hebt hiervoor dan kun je mij emailen
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