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Thursday, September 01, 2005

news #29

Barefoot “It’s Like That / Hideaway” OneTwo Records

Barefoot (Sam Obernik and Tommy D) release their eponymous debut album on October 17th. Here we have two highlights from the album including the unashamedly euphoric ‘It’s Like That’, a version so different from the original it defies categorization. Also the hauntingly elegiac ‘Hideaway’, a version so moving it nearly had Mike Pickering in tears when he first heard it. Other highlights include ‘Lazy’, which Sam explains set the precedent for the style of the whole album (“It was recorded at 3 in the morning after one too many”); and Underworld’s 'Born Slippy', to which Sam added additional verses and choruses, completely overhauling the original track. And let’s not forget Sam’s own 2002 Top 20 hit with Tim Deluxe, ‘It Just Won’t Do.’

taken from http://www.whitenoisepromo.com/
thnx Yan ;)

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