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Friday, October 21, 2005

Where the hell is Budel?

Coworkers of mine came to me shouting, Underworld is going to play in Budel!!!
Budel?? 2 haystacks and a henhouse, THAT Budel?
Yes, 28th October.
Yes, at the local disco, we saw this poster in a shopwindow from a distance, we have to check to be sure though.
Budel... ghe, that'll be the day. But buy me tickets if it's for real.

Here a picture of the poster of a PARTY called underworld, in Budel, Holland yes.

Freaking Budel, freaking ripoffs.... ;)
Would be great though.

Nice joke Lloyd
You really got me on that one
you're welcome ;)
He Lloyd
What a pitty! It was also to nice to be throu haha!
Greatz from a coworker.
I'm from budel..
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