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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DJ mixes using underworld

I found a couple of DJ mixes in wich underworld tracks were used.
http://www.mixdepot.net/DJMattJosh/LiveRISEAfterhours uses amongst others 6. Underworld – Born Slippy (Michel Simard Mix) [CDR]

http://ergh.org/ah/ uses amongst others 6. Underworld: Spikee (Vector's Long Knives Edit)

Hey Thanx for the link to my mix(es)

I love underworld as well! I have posted a new live set (with 2 of parts posted) including a HOT mashup of cowgirl in the first part...sultan & Tone depth - cownightbooty....and part 4 (to be posted in the coming weeks contains born slippy (robbie rivera 2003 mix)

Anyways thanx again :-)
Matt Josh
You're welcome. I hope some people went to your page trough mine. Have a look trough the archive, there's some nice info and links in there. I'll have a listen at your new mixes :)
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