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Friday, August 04, 2006

DJ mixes using Underworld #2

Mixed from bed VOL4 (2005 July 4th post) 50:45 into it:
43. Born Slippy v. Robbie Rivera - Underworld v. Robbie Rivera (2:12)
44. Born Slippy v. Comfortably Numb - Underworld v. Pink Floyd (4:41)

Proton Radio AFK Session1
7. Underworld - Pearl's Girl (AFK's craZy Edit) [CDR] 39:55 into it.

Jason Dunne Sedate and Irate part deux
6. underworld vs lustral - everez time - jason dunne mash up 31:45 into it.

hey, just spotted you linked to me for one of my mixes! cheers! there's also underworld on Mixed From Bed Nostalgia (Born Slippy again), and I should be including a mashup of Bruce Lee on Mixed From Bed vol. 7! stay tuned... :)
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