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Monday, December 11, 2006


In todays newsmail by 3voor12 something special was announced.
3voor12 was to interview Karl but something came up so it couldn't happen.
As alternative they asked Karl to make a movie of his cellphone pix of the recent South American tour. It's 15 minutes long with music under it that sounds a lot like the breaking and entering soundtrack. Only 5 minutes of it will be on tv. It will be broadcasted only once during 3voor12tv.nl at Ned3 (Dutch tv channel) on friday 15th (saterday morning).
update: time - 00:20 to 00:50.

It will also be broadcasted at their digital channel, this time in full.
Afterwards 1 hour of the Cocoon concert will be broadcasted.

You can watch the stream of 3voor12 here

wow i'm finally reading this :)
good job mr. I hope my rum bottle is still waiting for me, I did write my name on it. Mmm memories of odd sandwich and bower bike fairy tales ZzZzzZ
a) hope you will be recording this, Mr Kikker. we are relying on your l33t skillz

b) if you do record it, don't send the tape to Yan cos you will have to wait another two years before you see it again and

c) don't give Yan rum. it only makes him worse :p
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