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Saturday, March 01, 2008

29-02-2008 Roundhouse setlist

Jamiel at darktrain/forum provided a setlist

Confusion the Waitress
'new track/improv' might be known to some, about 10 minutes long (not Bamboo), I hadn't heard it before.
Pearls Girl
Twist (I can never remember the name of track 3 from One Hundred Days Off)
Jumbo jam/Nicodemus?
Two Months Off
You Do Scribble (with 'siren' opening)
Born Slippy Nuxx
Beautiful Burnout
Everybody Jack
King of Snake


Might change later.

I can't answer the question of track 3 at the moment. Although I'm sure I recognise it from somewhere, it could well be in amongst my various live sets, so that wouldn't help much.

However, I did buy the CD of the night, and listening back this morning disc 1 goes:

Confusion the Waitress
That Mystery Track 3
Pearls Girl

Disc 2 later, when iTunes has finished importing the first one.
Right - part 2 of the set, then:

Two Months Off
You Do Scribble
Beautiful Burnout
Can You Feel This Bass (? according to CMDB, anyway) / King of Snake
Encore: Moaner

Amazing, amazing night.
Now I feel dumb. Track 3 is Air Towel, obviously. Just heavily reworked, but the lyrics are a dead giveaway.
quick query about track two 'rez/cowgirl' on my copy of the CD at about 4mins 54, there's a loud bit of distortion for a couple of seconds, it's quite loud & kinda ruins the track! Just wondered if anyone else has this problem?

I'm hoping it's a recording fault and not my copy of the CD, I've emailed the Live-here-now people, but had no response.
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