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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Parc at J-Wave

Underworld, a new song "Parc" is the 20th anniversary of J-WAVE ANIBASARISONGU decided to start service! From May 7, OA! !

J-WAVE-20 started broadcasting to commemorate the anniversary, Underworld's new song "Parc" is ANIBASARISONGU spring (20 th J-WAVE Anniversary Song) to decide!

The song has started broadcasting in the J-WAVE as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Underworld is finished, May 7, J-WAVE programs from all over the world ahead of OA.

July 26 (Saturday) FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'08 headliner and the decision of the Underworld. Until three months ahead of a visit to Japan before the Japanese fans used only for
Special gifts will be delivered.
Madden and enjoy! !

Thanks to Chino for mailing the info.
source: http://trafficjpn.com/underworld/news.html

Edit: So it is DARC, the opening song for the 2005 Amsterdam HMH concert. Or renamed, or badly copied the song name at j-wave is Parc.

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