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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wireless setlist

Pearls Girl
Two Months Off
Rowla (I think)
King Of Snake
Born Slippy

thnx whatmakesustick at darktrain.org

And a review at virtual festival.
at gingerdjroblog
update: independent

Thank you. Saw them last night w00t. The encore was "Moaner". Now I know. Everyone was going fully crazy because a lot had gone off to get ready for FatBoy Slim... leaving the real fans behind. Was good to see.
I couldn't believe that the fans were leaving to see Fatboy. In my opinion, Underworld were the headliners that night, most definitely xx awesome encore! Unforgettable.
I was one of the hundreds of fans that couldn't actually get into the tent due to the overcrowding, there was a huge crush outside it! All I could do was sit outside and try desperately to hear them, which you just about could but not very well. But once half the crowd left after 'Born Slippy' to see Fatboy Slim, they started to let some of us in so I got to see their last two songs, they were incredible and I just wish I'd have been able to hear the rest!
Anyone verified this list? I'm pretty sure Karl started singing Cowgirl when Rik changed it to Rez, then it morphed back into Cowgirl afterwards?
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