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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lowlands setlist and reviews

Setlist of the aug 16th Lowlands festival concert:

Everybody Jack
Glam Bucket
Two Months Off
Lenny Penne/Small Conker and a Twix/You do Scribble
King of Snake
Born Slippy Nuxx
Pearl's Girl

Thnx KoS

Interview with Karl (in dutch) Gelderlander
festival reviews in Trouw
and in PZC
another one in Trouw (by someone who clearly didn't stay till the end)
nu.nl reviews the saterday concerts
RTL boulevard
nu.nl also writes about Karl's daughter Tyler wanting to be a musician
3voor12 about streaming concerts

BS.nuxx at youtube
2 part 'HQ' vids of BS and PG 1 and 2 Balloons!!!!

I heard good things about this show. Am able to find the movie, but having no such luck of finding mp3's of the show. I have been extremely frustraited only finding the radio pre selected 4 track piece of crap and that's it. Not fun to miss out. Sorry if my words are harsh.

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