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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunshine soundtrack is released!

Sunshine soundtrack is released!
I thought I'd start this new thread for the release so we don't have to wade through 1.5 years of pre-release crap.

The Sunshine soundtrack is out on iTunes!

US: $9.99 http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...02863&s=143441
UK: £7.99 http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...02863&s=143444
CA: $9.99 http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...02863&s=143455
NL: 9.99€ http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...02863&s=143452
BE: 9.99€ http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...02863&s=143446
DE: 9.99€ http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...02863&s=143443
AU: $16.99 http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...02863&s=143460
JP: Not available.

Unfortunately, it is in DRM-filled 128 Kbps AAC format. There are rumors that iTunes will soon become all DRM-free. If/when that happens, you'll be able to update the album to DRM-free 256 Kbps AAC files for 30% of the original album price. Tracks are not available individually.


1. John Murphy – Welcome to Icarus II
2. I Am Kloot – Avenue of Hope
3. Underworld – Capa's Last Transmission Home
4. John Murphy – Kanada's Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio In D Minor)
5. Underworld & John Murphy – Mercury
6. John Murphy – Kanada's Death, Pt. 1
7. Underworld & John Murphy – Searle Finds the Crew of Icarus I / Floating Free / Searle's Last Blast
8. John Murphy & Underworld – Freezing Outside: Harvey
9. Underworld – Trey's Fate
10. John Murphy & Underworld – Pinbacker Slashes Capa
11. Underworld – Corazon Finds the Seedling
12. John Murphy & Underworld – Cassie Searches / Dead Corazón
13. John Murphy – Freezing Inside: Mace
14. John Murphy – Capa Suits Up
15. John Murphy – Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)
16. John Murphy – Capa's Jump
17. Underworld – Distortions
18. Underworld – Capa Meets the Sun (To Heal)
19. Underworld – Peggy Sussed

So, here's the final count:

Official Score
Total Length: 55:08
Underworld credited: 16:36
Underworld/John Murphy joint credit: 13:26
John Murphy credit: 20:33

John Murphy released score
Total Length: 37:50
Tracks with UW contribution (joint or sole): 11:59 ("Mercury", "Cassie Searches - Dead Corazon", "Freezing Outside", "Corazon Finds the Seedling", "Scooter - Nightmare", "Pinbacker Slashes Capa")
Music cues missing from official score: 8:04 ("D Major Theme", "Mace Dies", "Elegy", "Escaping the Icarus 2")

"Jelly Blue" was embellished by John Murphy to become "Mercury". "Sad Guitar" shows up in "Searle Finds the Crew of Icarus I", "Trey's Fate", and "Cassie Searches / Dead Corazón". "Small Conker and Twix" shows up in "Trey's Fate". "Loads of Birds" in "Distortions". "To Heal" in "Capa's Last Transmission Home" and "Capa Meets the Sun".

As copied of darktrain.org/forum by TheBang, thnx todd

Thanks for the links and the stats, Todd!
you get the sunshine mp3 free for download motherfucker,,,,
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