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Monday, January 05, 2009

perth setlist

Badger wrote at darktrain.org


Underworld's set:

Crocodile Spoonman (Unknown - Vision Thing?)[prob Lenne Penny or possibly Bamboo - Matt] Cowgirl Pearl's Girl Push Upstairs Beautiful Burnout 2 Months Off Rowla King Of Snake Born Slippy (Nuxx) Born Slippy (original) Kittens Moaner

Found that in another forum not sure how accurate it is. Great if they did play Bamboo and Kittens.

review: http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21598,24875276-5005391,00.html

review incl video: http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=25&ContentID=116211
hear partypeople say whotaaaaaaaah when they mean water ;)

They also played "Can You Feel This Bass" which is a Darren Price track.

"Moaner" was the encore... (genuine after closing time encore too)

They were AMAZING!

You can hear the Darren Price track on his myspace page too:
Great Set!

They did play Bamboo (w/ Lenny Penne lyrics) but not Kittens :(

Instead they played Jumbo as the last song before the encore of Moaner.

Thank god Eric Prydz pulled out extending Underworld's set by half an hour.
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